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Rainbow Traveling Postcard Pack


Who doesn't like sending fun mail! Pipsticks postcards are perfect to create fun snail mail for postcrossing, your pen pal, or just because! Time to get writing!

Each pack includes 12 Rainbow Traveling Postcards!

Follow these super-simple instructions to celebrate snail mail and MAKE YOUR MARK! 

  1. Pull out the enclosed card.
  2. Find the next empty circle.  That space was made for YOU!  Put a sticker, doodle, or combination of the two inside the circle, then write your name and location below it!
  3. If you filled the last circle on the card, YAY!  Send it back to the address on the side of the card.If you *didn’t* fill in the last circle….Put the card, plus these instructions, and any bonus items you might include into an envelope and mail it on to a friend...old school chain mail vibes but with goodies - so fancy!

Here are some ideas of fun (flat!) goodies to include as a little “thanks-in-advance for joining in on this happymail!” token:

  • a temporary tattoo
  • a stick of gum
  • a bookmark
  • a seed pack
  • washi tape samples

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