Pipsticks is a Company Founded on the Idea that Little Things can Make a Big Difference.

We know that little things that are cool and serve a purpose - even if that purpose is unadulterated fun - can rock your world and save your day. We are IN LOVE with stickers and understand their power to make you smile. We don't stand for ugly or lame and work hard to bring you simple and fun. We promise that your Pipsticks experience will be touched by happy and helpful people.


As the head honcho of Pipsticks, I know my stickers. Growing up, I walked with my parents to our neighborhood gift store once a week where they let me choose one square of stickers. This square was cut from the many rolls hanging on the wall, packaged in a glassine bag and carefully carried home to join my collection in The Sticker Book. I lived for it.

I left my career in design and brand management to have kids - 4! - and, as a mom I let myself induldge in (and spend a lot of $$ on) stickers "for my kids." This soft spot for cool stickers + my need to find reliable and creative distractions for my crew led to the creation of Pipsticks.

We search far and wide to make sure that you've always got a sweet and totally cool stash of stickers. Pipsticks has given me the chance to be able to connect and collaborate with thousands of amazing sticker lovers all over the world - it turns out that its not just crazy me who’s been dreaming of stickers since the 80’s! These Sticker Club members have proven to me that indeed, a little sticker love goes a long way.

Maureen, Head Honcho

ps. Mo's a contributor on www.babyccino.com and you can also find her on www.designmom.com.