Submit Your Artwork

Yay! We’re so excited you’re interested in seeing your artwork in Pipsticker form! Before submitting your work, please read through the fine print...

By submitting your Artwork to Pipsticks, you agree to our Artwork Licensing Agreement and will be required to sign a copy of the agreement if your artwork is selected. Artwork must be submitted via the form below, in a vectorized PDF or .ai file. Non-digital artwork must be submitted as a high resolution .jpeg or .png file on a transparent background.

If your artwork is chosen, Pipsticks will turn your designs into a Pipsticker Sticker Sheet to be sold by Pipsticks with unlimited reproduction rights. Once accepted, any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products, or other information, (collectively the “Work Product”) developed in whole or in part by the Artist in connection with the Work will be the sole and exclusive property of the Pipsticks. This license provides the Artist will have no right to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute the Images once the Work is given to Pipsticks. Artist can display materials and final work created for Pipsticks on the Artist’s website and/or portfolio as well as across social media platforms. Pipsticks retains the right to reproduce the Work in any form for marketing, future publications, competitions, or other promotional or for-profit uses. We understand that this is not something that will work for all artists but are eager to promote those that are interested in submitting their artwork for promotion and product, rather than payment.

Since we’re still a small business, we don’t currently have a budget to pay for artwork (we’re working hard to change that!). In order to still give people an opportunity to see their work in PipSticker form, and gain exposure via our subscriber base, we decided to create the program despite our budget restraints, knowing that it won’t be the right fit for everyone. We absolutely acknowledge the need for artists to be compensated and will be evolving this program as we grow and have a budget to do so.

Rather than cash payment, we’re offering up some great perks in exchange for the artwork (once selected):

The Perks

  • You'll be able to purchase your finished sticker designs at half off MSRP
  • A free 3-month sticker subscription ($54 retail value), starting with the month your artwork is used.
  • 30 packaged sticker sheets (a $90 retail value), for you to use however you want!
  • You'll be able to purchase your finished sticker designs at half off MSRP
  • You’ll be automatically approved for our Affiliate Program (see below for more details)

Other Details

  • You will NOT be notified unless your work is chosen for use on stickers.
  • We might change the size, layout, and color of your artwork to complement the other sticker sheets in our subscription packs.
  • We would love for you to promote your designs and get paid via our Affiliate Program, which offers $5 for every subscription purchased – affiliate sales are one way small businesses like us can offer cash compensation with our limited budget.

All set?

We can’t wait to see your work! Complete this form and submit your artwork here.