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Hello Kitty And Friends Under Wraps Scratch-off


PipStickers are the PERFECT gift for the sticker lover in your life - even if it's you! These unique PVC designs with scratch-off foil come on a clear backing and cannot be found anywhere else.

Includes one 3" x 7" sheet of Hello Kitty And Friends Under Wraps Scratch-off PipStickers and includes the Pipsticks manifesto.

Follow these super-simple instructions to send a secret message to brighten someone?s day!

  • Write your message on a sheet of paper or a card.
  • Select a Scratch-off sticker and position with the foil area covering your text!
  • Scratch the silver foil area with the edge of a coin to reveal your message!
  • **PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES (including its territories and Puerto Rico) + CANADA**

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