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New York State Of Mind Stationery Box

Starting off the New Year with a bang - the New York State Of Mind Stationery Box is full of the best stickers and goodies!? We've got fuzzy pizza (the stickers are fuzzy not the food ha!) and old school boom boxes (remember those!?)? The sweetest kisses and hearts die cut confetti and some of the BEST washi ever!? So.much.stationery.happiness. Street Food Washi Now Boarding Washi Next Stop Washi With Love & Kisses Sticker Confetti All The Gold Stars Postcard Pack (12ct) Next Stop Big Alphabet (5ct) Habit Tracker Labels (5 ct) Big Puffy Typewriter Fuzzy Music Machines Fuzzy Pizza Slices Fuzzy Vehicles Fuzzy Check Mates Flower Trackers Marvelous Rainbows Happy Trackers Plan On It Habit Tracker Notepad Squishy Penguin Gel Pen (imported) Imported item(s) are hand selected by Mo from vendors around the globe and are not original Pipsticks designs. Retail value of the Stationery Box is over $75! Released: January 2022
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