2017 September Pro Club Printables!

Hiya Guys! Halloween calls for a spin on the spooky season. Channel your inner fortune teller and have fun with our folded fortune teller (or cootie catcher as some people around the studio call it!), and your Magic 8 Ball - my all time favorite toy EVER. I’m all about fortunes, horoscopes, and appreciating a dark night for its shining stars (ever since we moved from the city, that is). Have fun with these! You'll find a mix of black and white options as well as full color options with simple designs and clean lines! Each printable can be printed on any type of paper, but we like to use presentation quality paper. Don't forget to mix it up and print on colored paper, patterned paper, newsprint, or label paper! You never know what you'll be able to create! *Heart Eyes* DOWNLOAD YOUR PRINTABLES HERE

The Breakdown

STAR LIGHT STAR BRING > Harness your spirit animal and print this as a reminder that there is TONS of potential in this universe! MAGIC 8 BALL > Use these journaling cards to list the things that fall into each category - or to write your shopping list on with the week’s groceries! COLOR ME > We drew some fancy chocolate for you to indulge in - much prettier than a Reese’s peanut butter cup? :) FORTUNE TELLER > Bring this to a party or the office as an ice breaker or mail it to a friend after you’ve written in the fortunes! TRICK-or-TREAT > Print on sticker paper to use as labels for Halloween goodie bags! PATTERN PLAY > Use these to make bookmarks, or little envelopes for some Halloween treats.

What should I print on?

What paper should I use to print my pages? Any regular printer paper is okay, however they’ll look best if you using a presentation quality paper. We suggest What sticker sheets should I use to print stickers on? For any stickers that come in your printable subscription, you'll want full sheet sticker paper. We suggest: If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at mo@pipsticks.com. DOWNLOAD YOUR PRINTABLES HERE xo Mo p.s. Don't forget! you can adjust the sizing in your page setup to print them out smaller!
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