Pipsticks + Project Kid Collab

Amanda Kingloff and I were introduced for two minutes in NYC years ago. The following year, I tracked her down after buying and loving her book Project Kid. And the rest is history! We manage to hang out a couple times a year at industry events or when I'm in NYC, and it's always a tease - I want to spend a whole week with her making pom poms and pasta necklaces, and talking about all the things she's thinking about! Amanda's a constant inspiration to me. She elevates kids crafting to a level that inspires even the most design savvy adults (she takes yarn to a new level!), with her blog, Project Kid, and her super colorful instagram feed. She also has the DREAMIEST studio space!

Project Kid + Pipsticks Collab

Interactive sticker sheets are kind of my favorite thing right now, and Amanda had loads of amazing ideas about winter-themed projects that we could collaborate on to "stickerfy" (totally a word). Something that captured the magic of the season, was nice and sparkly, and people could customize on holiday crafts... Ta-Da! Project Kid Sticker Collab We worked together on a DIY snow globe sheet for our December Kids Club sticker pack and the results are magical! We can't wait to see how you put all the elements together - they also make the cutest gift toppers :) Project Kid gift tags Read our Q+A with Amanda below and be sure to sign up for the Kids Sticker Club to get these super fun snow globes (if you're not already a member)!

Let's chat with Amanda Kingloff from Project Kid...

Amanda Kingloff, Project Kid Where are you from - where do you live now? I live in Brooklyn, NY, but I grew up in Atlanta, GA. What do you do for work? I play with pipe cleaners and washi tape for a living! In 2014 I published a book called Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun, and my blog and brand were born from that. I now create DIY and lifestyle content all about how to spend creative, unplugged time with kids. I contribute to various national magazine publications, create content for brands, and do tons of craft events with kids! Amanda at work How long have you been in the creative industry? Ever since I graduated college, but not always in this lifestyle world. First I was a "gallerina" in a Chelsea contemporary art gallery (that's what the front desk women were called), and then I worked for a few different artists out of their studios. I pivoted into the editorial world, working for a lifestyle expert and then as the Lifestyle Director at Parents Magazine. Project Kid came right after my stint at Parents. Amanda working Do you have a nickname? Never call me Mandy. I was called Panda as a child, and my oldest friend shortened it to Pan. What do you love? karaoke podcasts my Entire World sweatshirt Nutella + apples flea markets bookstores yarn pom-poms campfires Amanda's Studio
What do you hate? Times Square, Climate change, Cilantro!
What's something that you're secretly good at? I have a weird ability to open really tightly stuck jars. I think it's because I have very long fingers. What did you want do be when you grew up as a kid? Oh goodness. Which year? I think the most significant ambition was to be a pediatric oncologist. See how close I came??!! ;) What's the thing you're most proud of making? Can I say my children? I mean, I did make them after all...at least 50% of them! And after that, I'd say my two other babies...my craft books. What's an exciting idea you've had recently? I had an idea to create a podcast with my kids, interviewing people with unusually awesome jobs. I think we need to shine a light on the enormous spectrum of what "work" can mean. What's your favorite color combo right now? Wait, first I have to consult my color palette Pineterst board...ok, mustard, millenial pink, fuchsia, tomato red, and a rich navy. Amanda working How many hours a day do you spend on creativity? My brain rarely stops processing everything I see, but I'd say I'm deeply creative about 5 hours a day. When did you fall in love with stickers? I remember carrying my heavy sticker binder to school in second grade to trade with friends. We were obsessed with the iridescent gooey ones, and I savored the scratch n sniffs! Studio details What's your karaoke song? Proud Mary (the Tina Turner version). I keep a list of karaoke songs in my phone so I'm never stumped when I have a mic in my hand. What's in your perfect trail mix? Peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts What's your favorite movie? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original) The cutest pinatas! What are you reading right now? Three Women by Lisa Taddeo
What's the best present you've received? One year my husband planned a flea-market scavenger hunt where each of my friends received an open-ended prompt and they had to spend $10 or less to buy me something that was befitting.
What are three Insta accounts that inspire you? @aolanow @houselarsbuilt @historycoolkids
Thanks Amanda - here's to many more collabs down the road :)
Follow Amanda Kingloff here, and don't miss out on the dreamy snow globes (subscribe by November 30th!).
Mo xoxo
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