Pip Tip Tuesday & kikki.K Planner Giveaway

Happy Pip Tip Tuesday! Today we have another great tip for you planner newbies and a beautiful kikki.K planner to give away! This tip may seem totally obvious, but for new #planneraddicts it's something to consider right away. Among all the amazing planner goodies out there are about a BILLION pens; and while you will be tempted to buy the cutest ones (think rose gold plated with donut charms hanging off of them), there's a serious art to scribbling in your planner and I believe the secret is...
... an EXTRA FINE tip pen.
No matter what your handwriting is like, it looks delicate and beautiful when it's written with a fine tip pen. But what fine tip pen should you use? While everyone has their preference, these are my faves.
Rollerball Pens:
My fave: Pilot P-500 extra fine point - not so pretty, but so good! The great: Easy to use, plus you get the goodness of liquid ink. Rollerballs use water-based gel or liquid ink, as opposed to the sticky oil-based ink in ballpoint pens, which keeps your handwriting looking neat and pretty. And, it dries immediately unless you're using bad paper.  The not-so-great: The cartridges run out kind of fast (though in all honesty I usually lose them first)
Felt Tip Pens:
My Fave: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen The great: Felt tips are very firm and smooth, and the ink dries quickly (which is extra handy for left-handed writers). And (not to get too nerdy and technical), the Triplus specifically has a slim triangular shape which is keeps my hand from aching (side note - can you believe I used to write 10 page papers by hand but now can barely manage a planner spread without taking a break?!). Annnd it comes with in lots of pretty colors :D The not-so-great: The spring-load action can take a bit of getting used to and might be frustrating in the beginning. Tips can wear out quickly, and can be damaged easily by dropping the pen or leaving the cap off. If your kids get a hold of them it's game over.
Gel Ink
My Fave: Muji Gel Pens The great: Richer ink color, lots of colors, and it doesn't bleed through planner pages. They are fairly pretty, so won't screw up your planner layout pics :) The not-so-great: They can dry out (though again, not usually before I lose them!). What are your favorite pens??

Today's Giveaway: kikki.K planner

Simple, super classy, and easy to use, this kikki.K planner is one of my go-to's for notes, project management, and fun! And now you could be carrying this cute personal polka dot planner around by the end of the month! 
Like our Instagram or Facebook #PipTipTuesday post (with a picture of this kikki.K planner), tag another #planneraddict on the post, and give us a tip in the comments on your favorite pen to use in your planner. Don’t have social media? Not a problem, share some tips in the comments below and I’ll make sure you’re entered to win! Contest ends at 12pm PST on Friday, January 20th. Winners will be announced Monday, January 23rd and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions Good luck! I can’t wait to hear from you! xo Mo
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Ainslee G.

- April 09, 2024

Oh god, I’m a complete and total pen addict. Only considering my ART pens (pens that I draw with), I have like 90-ish. Then there’s my writing pens, and the pens that died long ago but are really pretty/well-designed, and THEN there’s the pens I decorated to make a duct tape flower bouquet. There’s probably…. Oh, I dunno. at least 200 pens scattered around in my room, studio, work locker, and yeah…

Favorite writing pens:
Bic Crystal assorted color pens for letter writing. Nice colors and they glide on really smooth, which works because I write in cursive. For the rare occasion I print, I like the thicker lines because they’re bubbly and cute. The Bic Atlantis pens are also nice- same colors, thinner tip.
I also enjoy writing with these really cute kitty pens I got from the Wish app. Nice ink, and it works like a Micron but they were really cheap so I don’t feel bad about not using them for art. :P

Favorite drawing pens:
Micron .005 (.25mm). So many fine lines and details and aaaaahhhh they’re so perfect. <3
I also enjoy adding a pop of color to my pen and inks with the Stabilo fineliners. I believe they're a .4mm tip. Not as fine as I normally like when drawing, but they get the job done.

Favorite WHITE pens:
Uniball Signo and Gelly Rolls. They both write really well on colored paper and go over most markers and whatnot for highlights on your doodles/drawings. Uniball gives thicker lines, but also dries a bit slower than the Gelly Roll.

I also enjoy the Faber Castell Big Brush White pen for doodling on my letters and other things I send out. A cheaper alternative is the Recollections white marker from Michaels, buuuut that one takes a lot of coats to be opaque and has a weird waxy finish to it.


- April 09, 2024

I absolutely love most pens….Hello…But I adore the gel pens and flare pens. I don’t know why I keep buying so many types when I tend to go back to my trusty gel/flare pens! I have various planners just not a Kikki k-please choose me.

Jasmine M

- April 09, 2024

I’m using Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens in multi colors. I love them but I’m hoping the fountain pen I’ve ordered (a Preppy fine nib platinum) will work beautifully so I can transition to those in multi colors instead. Here’s hoping!


- April 09, 2024

I ❤ gel highlighters! I’m also a Sharpie addict!

Julia Anne

- April 09, 2024

Bic mark it fine tip. I usually write on stickers so it wont bleed through paper. Looks beautiful and writes ever so smoothly.

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