May 2017 Planner Printables Subscription

Hiya Guys! I am so, so excited that our Printables are FINALLY here! I hope you love your first month and can't wait to hear your feedback (I'll be sending a survey out shortly). This month's printables are inspired by the Sticker Squad's ability to keep things F.U.N. around the Pipsticks Studio! You'll find a mix of black and white options as well as full color options that can be printed on any type of paper. We like to use presentation quality paper, however you can mix it up and print on colored paper, patterned paper, newsprint, or label paper! You never know what you'll be able to create if you push it a bit!
We have all kinds of #planneraddicts out there, so i have a few DOWNLOAD options for you

The Breakdown

Sticker Party > Print on label paper, then use all the different stickers throughout your monthly spread, or print multiple pages of these and alternate color combos each week! Jam > Keep this handy and write down new music you like throughout the month. try to find at least FIVE new songs you love. #SELFIE > Print out lots of these and send them to all your planner besties! Mixtape > Write the title of your monthly mix on top and then decorate with stickers! Balloon Alpha > Print onto label paper and use them to mark the initials of birthdays this month! June! > Make sure to plan at least one party worthy moment each week this month. Pattern Play > Cut and fold to make tabs!

What should I print on?

What paper should I use to print my pages? Any regular printer paper is okay, however they’ll look best if you using a presentation quality paper. We suggest What sticker sheets should I use to print stickers on? For any stickers that come in your printable subscription, you'll want full sheet sticker paper. We suggest: If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at   xo Mo p.s. Don't forget! you can adjust the sizing in your page setup to print them out smaller!
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- April 09, 2024

Haven’t had a chance to print out yet? so still can even in June? Life is busy taking care of sick family, including myself.


- April 09, 2024

Hello, I am trying to find the amazing pineapple print. Is it not included? Thank you so much


- April 09, 2024

I feel the 80’s/90’s love!!! So fun! Can’t wait use in my planner!!

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