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"Currently living and working in Paris, France with my French hubby, I often get homesick and love to send special postcards and correspondence with flair (i.e. stickers). I'm American (Milwaukee, WI native) and have been abroad since 2011. I came here to pursue my dreams, and to be with my then French boyfriend, Michaël. Since, I earned my Masters degree in Cultural Translation, and I got married!

I was born in 1987, and so I was raised towards the end of the Lisa Frank era, which led me to an "Office Depot" obsession. I loved office supplies (and still do), and being able to customize my notebooks, three-ring binders, trapper keepers, etc. My mother, Patti, was also a huge influence, as she used to draw little creatures (including happy fruit and veggies) for me in my notebooks, and they would make me laugh when I would discover them. Sometimes we would find stickers that resembled her creatures, and we would collect them. My mom also had Sandra Boynton stickers that she would use to decorate the family calendar, among other things.

So, my love for stickers has always been entangled with my love for my mom.

Thanks for inviting me to reflect on this passion, as it brought back a lot of memories."

Courtney Paris, France

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p.s. Susan.

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