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Life is short. Time is flying by. All the cliches that I've heard growing up are ringing true these days and I am consequently finding myself embracing the moment more aggressively.  Painting everything within an arms reach pink on a whim? Yes, what's taken so long?! Champagne while I cook fajitas on a Tuesday night? Why not!! I recently met someone who is all about going BIG! I was on my way home from Alt Summit this year, feverishly trying to catch up on the emails that I had put off while I waited for my flight home. Engrossed in customer service, I casually glanced up as someone sat down next to me. OMG! This woman was wearing the most amazing necklace - I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I quickly introduced myself and was thrilled to learn that she was the designer of the crystal studded, oversized cupcake hanging around her nect. Turns out she was on her way back from Alt too, so we instantly started chatting about the week and soon arrived at how we might collaborate! We decided on a giveaway to celebrate our rainbow themed sticker pack this month! More to come on that later and in the mean time, meet my SUPER fun friend, Flannery... Flannery, please say hi to everyone... Hey Hey Hey!  I'm Flannery, the designer behind the crazy fun jewelry brand Sparkle Bomb!  I'm a former cocktail blogger and author of the book "Candy Cocktails". I was once described as "Skittles in human form"  Best. Compliment. Ever. Where do you live and work? I live and work in sunny Fresno, California with my husband, daughter and our three cats: Flannery Jr, Piggles and Dorabella How did SPARKLEBOMB come about and when did you start it? Sparkle Bomb officially launched in 2016, but it was over 10 years ago that I had a super vivid dream that I was wearing a giant 'F' necklace covered in sparkly stones.  I woke up so excited to wear this creation that I became obsessed with making it. I tried using lots of different materials (felt, cardboard, wood, etc) and then I finally discovered acrylic.  The bright colors and shiny surface immediately had me hooked!  My collection then expanded from a giant 'F' necklace to include acrylic and crystal-embellished versions of my favorite guilty pleasures like champagne, ice cream and cupcakes! What’s one thing you can’t live without?  Color!  I literally have one black shirt and one black skirt in my entire closet. Everything else is insanely colorful! What’s your favorite color combo? Light pink and neon orange! How do you keep yourself organized? I don't.  Just ask my OCD husband! Haha! Which one of your products is your favorite?  WOW!  That is tough.  I love and wear every single one of my pieces!  Sometimes all at the same time! You think I'm joking, but I'm not!  My current favorite would have to be the rosé champagne earrings.  They are bright pink and gold embellished with turquoise swarovski crystals. And they are huge!  Like, get ready for a ton of compliments and some crazy looks when you're wearing them, huge! Do you have a creative routine? Tell us about it? I have a very demanding 4 year old daughter, so I have to sneak in my creative time when I can!  I wish I had a routine...maybe when she goes to Kindergarten? Tell us how you feel about stickers. This would have been my 8-year-old self's DREAM question!!!  I was beyond obsessed with stickers when I was a little girl.  I wish my friends and family could chime in here because they would all roll their eyes and say, "OH GOD! Flannery and her sticker collection!"  Yeah, it was cray cray.  I had ALL THE STICKERS!  My favorites were the scratch 'n sniffs, for sure! All I ever wanted to do was trade stickers with my friends, I drove them crazy!  I recently found my old sticker collection and showed it to my daughter.  She was quite impressed! I think we've got a new sticker fan in the making! What’s your favorite food? Right now my daughter and I are obsessed with making "Birthday Popcorn"- it's popcorn topped with homemade buttercream frosting and covered in sprinkles! What are you reading? I am always reading books about business.  Right now I'm re-reading Growing a Business by Paul Hawken. It's a totally different kind of business book. Very inspiring! What are you listening to? I love podcasts.  I just finished listening to the first season of Mystery Show, which I highly recommend! Your Instagram feed is so fun! What’s your approach to styling and photographing for your feed and blog? Thank you! Honestly, I just have fun with it.  Nothing too serious! How do you treat yourself? The biggest treat for me is to get to spend all day in my office designing my jewelry, playing with my acrylic and crystal color samples and daydreaming about all things bright and sparkly!  Oh, and a good bottle of champagne doesn't hurt either... What is a secret skill or talent? I can sing the national anthem of Norway in Norwegian! As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up? This is going to sound crazy, but when I was about 8 years old I turned my closet into an "office" and created a Sticker of the Month club. So, basically, I wanted to be Mo! What advice do you have for people wanting to be more creative? Hang out with other creative people!  Whenever I need a creative jolt, I hang out with my sister Katherine, she's the most creative person on the planet and I always get inspired! I totally agree, Flannery - thanks for keeping it real and making life more FUN! Mo xoxo p.s. Meet some other brilliant people: Caylee Gray, Rin Dawson
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Ms Notbad

- April 09, 2024

I am here as a witness to that sticker crazy girl, who grew into the hilarious, gorgeous, brilliant woman that she is today. Flannery is an artist who’s palette is her life. Spend as much time with her as you can.

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