June 2017 Planner Printables Subscription

Hiya Guys! This month's printables are inspired by my summertime goals and surroundings. Sunny California has me dreaming of coastal road trips, fresh fruit, and lazy sundays. This month, you won't find much black & white, just a LOT of color! Each printable can be printed on any type of paper, but we like to use presentation quality paper. Don't forget to mix it up and print on colored paper, patterned paper, newsprint, or label paper! You never know what you'll be able to create! *Heart Eyes* I KNOW WE HAVE ALL KINDS OF #PLANNERADDICTS OUT THERE, SO I HAVE A FEW DOWNLOAD OPTIONS FOR YOU

The Breakdown

Inspo Cards > Print out on cardstock and punch to add flair to your planner. Or, hang them on your mirror to get in a sunshiny state of mind! Goals > Remember it's summer, so go easy on yourself! Girls Gotta... > Here's your new dashboard (I decorated mine with palm tree stickers and sparkly suns!) Page Flags & Stuff > Yay fruit! A hot pink pen looks REALLY good with this color combo. July > We've taken the liberty of adding some fun stuff to your calendar this month! And decided to go in a different direction than red, white, and blue! Pattern Play > Print these out on the back of your weekly goals and use as a dashboard.

What should I print on?

What paper should I use to print my pages? Any regular printer paper is okay, however they’ll look best if you using a presentation quality paper. We suggest What sticker sheets should I use to print stickers on? For any stickers that come in your printable subscription, you'll want full sheet sticker paper. We suggest: If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at mo@pipsticks.com. xo Mo p.s. Don't forget! you can adjust the sizing in your page setup to print them out smaller!  
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- April 09, 2024

Thank you, Mo!! <3 <3 <3

I LOVE the colors and shapes with this one. So cheerful and perky!


- April 09, 2024

July is my first month for the planner printable subscription and I’m am so excited! I must say it is totally worth the price and it is so exciting to wait for it in your inbox each month. So glad I found Pipsticks. Now to wait for my stickers to come!

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