GET TO WORK BOOK review... Let's make big things happen!

When you first open the GET TO WORK BOOK you immediately notice the simple, clean layout. Elise did a kick ass job putting this planner together, and it hits you with encouragement on the very first page... This GET TO WORK BOOK is a day planner + a goal setting journal. Because let's get real: the only way to make progress on your big goals is to take things one day at a time. Photo courtesy of the GTWB Instagram (@GETTOWORKBOOK) The GET TO WORK BOOK is spiral bound and has several features that give structure, but also allows you to customize to your needs. If you want a planner that you can use for every aspect of your life, not just for work OR home, I think the Get To Work Book is for you!

GET TO WORK BOOK's Monthly Breakdown

Each month starts with a beautiful quote card (that you can take out & re-purpose later) with a section to jot down what this month is all about... you know, your overall focus to get things moving. Next, you'll see both a blank page & a grid page, for any special projects, doodles, or notes you'd like to make. Then of course, the weekly breakdown (more on that below) and ends with a "Project" page, another grid page, and a wonderful reflect & goal set page to cap off your month. What is a project page? The "project" page is a simply designed page that has various sized sections to set deadlines, and list out action items to keep you focused and organized while working on bigger projects throughout the month. What is a reflect & goal set page? The "reflect & goal set" page is my favorite page in the planner (other than those amazing quote pages)! It includes sections with titles like last month's winsto let go of, and to think onThe GET TO WORK BOOK is setting you up for success by giving you time to reflect on what went right, what went wrong and to keep you motivated to move on and hit those goals! Thanks GET TO WORK BOOK, for having my back!

GET TO WORK BOOK's Weekly/Daily Breakdown

What I like about the GET TO WORK BOOK's weekly/daily breakdown is that is has just enough "blank space" for all my notes throughout the week AND an awesome space for my weekly action items. The weeks alternate between a lined, notes space and a grid space at the bottom of every page and the action items space is simple and easy to use when setting deadlines. Photo courtesy of the GTWB Instagram (@GETTOWORKBOOK) The daily breakdown is completely customizable, so you can label it hourly (if that's your thing), a checklist, or however else you decide to use it.


As you can probably tell, I'm really digging the GET TO WORK BOOK, you guys! I've been using it for a few month's now and I feel like it just get's me. It's simple, encouraging, customizable, and just all around easy to use. Also, I'm totally adding the quote cards to my inspo board! There is enough space for me to plan, doodle, and sticker my way through the month. The sleek black hardback design and spiral binder makes it easy to carry around, and if I leave it sitting out where the kids can get it, I'm not afraid of it getting damaged. If you're interested in purchasing the GET TO WORK BOOK for yourself, you can find here. There are 2 different colors and additional inserts to purchase (which I love! Because I always need extra note space!). And, of course, if you need some awesome stickers to add some sunshine to your planner, our Pro Club is for you. Have you used the GET TO WORK BOOK? If so, do you like it? Mo xoxo
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