Free stickers in the house!

What's on her face? We're kicking 2016 off with rewards! That's right, REWARDS! We all love stickers. And, we all love to talk about our love for stickers. Well, we put those two things together to create the best thing ever: free stickers when you talk about stickers (yay!).

How to get free stickers online with Pipsticks email club

There are lots of awesome ways to earn Pipsticks rewards online and get credit towards your account, and free stickers! In this big ol' sticker world, one of the best things about our sticker club is that it brings us closer together. At Pipsticks, we're dedicated to keeping you in the loop, introducing you to cool new things, and connecting you with inspiring people. Stickers! One surefire way to keep up on the latest and greatest (and be the first in line for free stickers) is to sign up for our email list. We send out a monthly email with sneak peeks on upcoming sticker packs, cool crafty links, exclusive discounts, and giveaways for free stickers and other goodies. Sign up to our email club now!

Free Stickers for our lovely sticker club subscribers

If you're a Pipsticks sticker club subscriber, you can earn free stickers when your friends join the club too. It's easy peasy to spread the word, and you can get unlimited sticker love for doing so. Pipsticks sticker pack Share the sticker love with your friends & get unlimited Pipsticks rewards (AKA free sticker $$$) for each one that joins the club. When three of them subscribe, your next month of Pipsticks will be on us (yay!!).  Oh, and in addition to learning that the best sticker club ever exists, they'll get a $5 discount on the first month of their subscription! Tell a Friend now to get this perk and sing the Pipsticks anthem from the rooftops (free stickers will make your voice sound that much sweeter!).


The amazing thing about our sticker loving posse is the diversity of sticker lovers across the world! They come in all shapes and sizes: big, little, young and old. We at Pipsticks make sure each of our subscriptions is just right for its audience, and are always keen to know what we can do to make them better. Our kids pack is themed appropriately and small motor skill friendly. Our adult pack is more "cutting edge" and perfect for veteran sticker lovers. sticker roll In addition to our monthly sticker packs, subscribers receive MEGA packs a few times a year. This is when we really go overboard, putting additional free stickers in each pack to celebrate a special month (Valentine's Day, our bday, etc). These are bigger than ever and always a HUGE hit (haha). Join the Sticker Club

It doesn't stop with free stickers...

We also have somewhere to PUT those stickers. Check out our awesome selection of free printables. These complement our stickers and act as the perfect blank slate for sticker bling. Pyramid love letters, place mats and everything in between will keep you busy. Free stickers + free printables = match made in heaven.  Check out the DIYS for instructions on how to make these printables little sticker masterpieces! At Pipsticks, we play with stickers all day and dream about them at night. This is the spot to come for inspiration, DIYS, and to see awesome people making super rad stuff. Have an idea or feedback about future free stickers or printables - please leave it in the comments below!
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- April 09, 2024

Hi I’m kat im currently in rehab and love stickers and am so sad I can’t afford this!


- April 09, 2024

WOW! I received my first Pipsticks today and might I say I am BEYOND happy! These stickers are so cute! You’ve got me coming back for more!!!


- April 09, 2024

I received my first stickers today. They were amazing. Thanks Pipsticks.

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