Fanmail Friday: Sticker Season


Happy Friday!

How has your week been? My family moved into a new apartment this week, and I'm feeling exactly as you'd expect - totally and completely zonked (and ready to cry knowing that the kids are out of clean undies so I have to do laundry on top of unpacking tomorrow). 

You'd think it would have been so much easier to move four blocks east than it was to move cross-country last summer, but alas, a move is a move. That said, our new apartment is much brighter and I'm excited to get back in touch with my inner plant lady. 

Our four kids have always shared a room, but that era has come to an end and Ella and Atticus couldn't be more excited about having their own spaces here (even though Ella's room is literally eight square feet bigger than her twin mattress!).

Around Pips there has been a serious surge in our subscription club sign ups over the past week! We've had lots of people wanting in on the limited edition stickers that you can only get in our subscription, and I can only guess that everyone is getting stocked and ready for the summer (as a mom, I can sense a level of universal panic as we brace for kids 24/7 lol).  

Stickers obviously make travel (and staying home) over summer more fun and everyone always seems to go a little sticker crazy at the change of a season - clean slate, new stickers! It's fun to imagine all the newbies getting to experience Pipstickers in their mailbox for the first time 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Waving from behind all these boxes,

p.s. We've almost SOLD OUT of the Sticker The Rainbow books!! We do not know when we will be reprinting these, so get one (or two, or three) now if you haven't already!

p.p.s. We love your letters! Send happymail to us at Pipsticks, P.O. Box 13260, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406.


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