Fanmail Friday: "Suggestion: mini pineapples!!"

I couldn't love this more if I tried!
Hey Pipsticks! I just wanted to say thank you to you all for having the best stickers ever! All my friends and family know about you guys because I bring my stickers everywhere with me. In class yesterday, I decorated my notes with Pipsticks stickers and I got my teacher to let me show it to the class during class but then when she realized it had nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution she made me sit back down! Lol, it was funny in the moment. I love stickers, I spend my time thinking about them and looking at your insta! The kids who get to play with stickers while you take photos for the website are sooo lucky! The sloth stickers are my fave! Thanks for being so awesome and having good sales so everyone could afford stickers! If you need a new employee I'm available! (and 17:) xoxo, Piper
Hi Mo & everyone at Pispticks! Just wanted to write and say thanks for making all my favorite stickers! I enjoy using them so much! Suggestion: mini pineapples!! :) Happy New Year to all of you and THANKS AGAIN! Much love, Sarah

Happy Friday!

I'm writing from London which happens to be FREEZING at the moment. Any time I pack in California, it's like my brain can't comprehend that I might actually need more than t-shirts and ankle socks at my final destination. I broke down and bought a sleeping bag coat a few days ago, and it was totally WORTH IT!

I feel most relaxed in cities, with all the inspiration, buzz, and personalities coming at me from every direction. It's been amazing to soak up all the inspo - pops of neon among all the black and gray, great textures, fun homewares, and so much good food - and I've had so many new ideas!

I've also been able to deliver lots of sticker love along the way - from frenzied kids on the plane, to my niece and friends! This is definitely the best part of my job - I feel like a sticker god mother .

I hope you have a cozy weekend ahead - sending love and waving from England!

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