Fan Mail Friday: "I am getting a bunch of your stickers for Christmas"

A sweet note from Ruthie in Tennessee and two vintage memorable pieces from Jan and Sara remind us that it's all about the little things ♥ Fan mail Friday December 10th Fan mail Friday December 10th
Hi Mo! I am Ruthie Loizeaux I am 9 years old and one of your newest fans. I have watched your October Sneak peek- for the club about 4 or 5 times on Instagram. I just started the club I am so excited to get my first kids Club pack in the mail! I LOVE sticker trading and I am getting the Rainbow Dreams sticker Book for Christmas so excited! I LOVE Pipsticks it's such a cool brand I am getting a bunch of your stickers for Christmas. I LOVE the October Kids Club sticker pack SO excited for it to come in the mail! I want to get a kids club membership for Christmas. So excited to put all of my Pipsticks in my sticker book at Christmas. Ruthie Loizeaux

Happy Friday!

This morning was a train wreck - the kids were super pooped and didn't want to get out of bed and by the time we were all loaded into the car, the mood was pretty dismal. Then Ella turned on Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix (an a cappella group that gets me every time) and our morning was saved. It's the little things, right?!

We're hours away from our Pips team holiday party (Penny and Abby are hanging garland as I type) I'm feeling pretty festive. This week was full of back-to-back meetings and we're all ready to cut loose, get crafty (we're making holiday headbands!), and enjoy a big ol' spaghetti dinner.

We'll be posting behind the scenes shots in our Insta stories so be sure to follow along :)

Sending you lots of sparkles,

xoxo Mo
p.s. Our December Booster Box just went on presale! The theme is Snail Mail and we know it will go FAST so grab one sooner rather than later!

From the archive: these pieces were included in two of our Fan Mail Friday newsletters and we wanted to remember them here. Fan mail never gets old!
Hi Pipsticks, I love your stickers so much, your stickers give the cutest touch, your stickers are so much fun, even if you only have one! Thank you so much for making Pipsticks.I decorated my notebooks with them. They are the cutest, keep on making them! Sincerely, Sara Age 13

An Ode to Pipsticks: Please, dearest peeps of the land of Pips I implore you to heed my words Pipsticks is a miracle of awesomeness and, Simply put, Things are plain better with your stickers in the world I do declare! And therefore you are Causing me such giggles and delight that I Keep smiling, live, all the time as your Stickers are the best thing ever! With love, Jen Baele

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