Behind the Sticker Love: Meet Jenna

This week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm sharing what I'm most thankful for around the Pipsticks HQ: my ridiculously awesome team! Cyber Monday is here and Jenna wanted to make sure you got some awesome deals all from the comfort of your home (tune in people, December's sticker packs are MEGA - loaded with extra stickers for the holidays - so you CAN'T pass up today's amazing deal!!). Hopefully you're cozied up, drinking hot chocolate in your PJs, while shopping for some fun stuff! (TODAY ONLY) >>> 25% off the 1st three months of all new regular (non-gift) sticker subscriptions (use code: HEYPJENNAGIRL) >>> 25% off  all Gift Boxes (use code: HEYJENNA) Don't forget! This month, we're donating a sticker pack to Compass Family Shelter for each Kids Subscription and Kids Gift Subscription sold through December! sign_nonsubscribers Name: Jenna Title: Sticker Conversationalist Nicknames: Jennagirl and Mom Sign: Libra What superpower would you have? The ability to control people's emotions - not in a vindictive way, just to calm or relax people in stressful situations. When’s the last time you did something new? Everyday at Pipsticks! I’m the newest member of the Sticker Squad, so I literally do something new every day. inspo-board What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Always be kind, you never know what other people are going through. If you could rename yourself what name would you choose? If you asked me this as a child, I would have said Aurora (Princess Aurora was my FAVE). But now, I don’t think I’d change my name, I think it suits me. Thanks Mom! jenna-typing-blog What was your childhood dream job? Forensic Psychologist – which sounds awful now *Scared Face*, I’m way too soft for that! What can’t you live without? Positive Vibes What’s one thing the Pipsticks team doesn’t know about you? Since I sit right next to Mo, I’m pretty sure she knows my life story. The rest of the Squad might not know that I like to collect things. I have collections of spoons (not the kind you eat with), flowers made out of different materials (metal, dollar bills, knitted yarn, wood, etc) and fun glass bottles, especially decanters *heart eyes*! donuts-blog What are you into? Glitter! Someone please send me a glitter bomb! Baking, especially cupcakes. Brunch, champagne, makeup... glitter brows anyone? *Heart Eyes* Unicorns, crafting, music, camping, rainbows, antiquing, laughing, and glitter… did I say that already? Can you give us a tip on brunching? Sundays are for brunching. Always check out the restaurant reviews, make sure they have bottomless mimosas, bring friends and have a DD (Uber is my bestie). Jenna, thanks for keeping all of US smiling around the Pipsticks HQ! Stay Cozy! sig_jenna p.s. Check back tomorrow for our final deal of the Thanksgiving holiday! If you're just tuning in, meet KatieJackie, Krista, and Victoria.
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- April 09, 2024

Love Jenna’s inspo board! Her inspo board definitely INSPIRES ME AND MAKES ME HAPPY!!! ….i’m smiling already… :) :) :)

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