3 Ways to use your JUNE HKF Pack

DIY Fun Colorful Journal Entry

Make your journal entries pop with fun colors!


  • Colorful pens or markers
  • Fun stickers
  • Washi tape (optional)


  1. Write with Color: Use colorful pens to write your journal entry, changing colors for different sections or moods.
  2. Decorate with Stickers: Add fun stickers to highlight key points or to just make the page more lively.
  3. Add Washi Tape: Use washi tape to create borders or section off parts of your entry for extra style.

Your journal is now a colorful reflection of your thoughts! 🌈✨


DIY Upcycled Sticker Pouch

Transform an old Pipsticks Sticker Club pouch into a fun, decorated sticker pouch!


  • Old pouch or pencil case
  • Assorted fun stickers
  • Clear adhesive spray or Mod Podge (optional, for sealing)


  1. Clean the Pouch: Make sure the pouch is clean and dry.
  2. Arrange Stickers: Plan your design by arranging the stickers on the pouch without sticking them down.
  3. Stick Them On: Apply the stickers to the pouch, pressing firmly to ensure they adhere well.
  4. Seal the Stickers (Optional): Lightly spray with clear adhesive spray or coat with Mod Podge for extra durability.

Enjoy your unique and fun upcycled sticker pouch! 🌟✨


DIY Fun Customized Postcard

Create a personalized postcard for any occasion!


  • Postcard or thick cardstock
  • Colorful pens or markers
  • Fun stickers
  • Washi tape (optional)


  1. Design the Front: Draw or write a fun message or design with colorful pens.
  2. Add Stickers: Decorate with fun stickers to make it vibrant and unique.
  3. Use Washi Tape (Optional): Add washi tape for extra flair and borders.
  4. Write a Message: On the back, write a personal note to the recipient.

Your customized postcard is ready to send some joy! 🌈✨

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