3 Ways To Use Your August Kids Club Stickers

Create your own medal, or gift it to someone with stickers, paper, and some ribbon! We adorned this one with two toned paper and tons of stickers from the August Kids pack! Feel free to get creative with yours - award yourself for finishing that work assignment, drinking lots of water, or even for just getting though the week! You deserve it!
The retro glitter sticker strips in the Kids pack are PERFECT for mandalas! Our designers lay out each sheet so they are mirror image stickers, and you can create a sticker burst perfectly! For this one, we went a little rogue and did multiples of three,  it turned out really fun! Tips; draw a grid on your paper first so you have a guide, and always start from the middle working out!
Fun fact! We used to make these alll the time in our IRL Craft Studio years back ? and they are seriously so much fun! Make your own pennant with whatever fun saying you want! It's helps if it's an uplifting phrase, or even just something you love! We cute out our pennant first, then outlined the letters in pencil, making sure the letters get smaller as they go down the pennant.
Show us what you make with your AUGUST stickers #pipsticksdiy  ?
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