2018 March Kids Printable Club

This month’s printables are just the thing to keep your sweet tooth satisfied! Get out all your brightest colors because these activity pages are bright, fun, and super sweet! Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE BUBBLE GUM > We’ve put every color of the rainbow in this bubble gum machine! Color them in using the number key. IT’S RAINING SWEETS > If you could design your own candyland, what things would fall from the sky when it rained? What things would grown on the ground? KINGDOM OF SWEETS > Every candyland needs a king or queen. Color and cut out these bracelets and crowns, then glue, tape, or staple them together to wear while you rule over your kingdom. SWEETIE SUE > With cotton candy hair and sweet accessories, Sweetie Sue is almost too good to be true. Add a face and more candy where you can! CANDY SHOP COLORING >Cakes, candies, and ice cream cones up to the sky will keep you busy this month. Color them in, or shrink them down and use as birthday cards for your friends this month. YOU’RE AMAZING > Find your way through the candy castle!. DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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