2018 June Pro Club Printables

DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE This month’s printables were inspired by my my childhood obsession with ice cream in the summertime. I’ve been hearing that ice cream truck tune circling in my head while I’ve put these together and I wish I could run out and buy you a rocket pop to eat while you enjoy them! And, I’m thrilled about the new popsicle banner that decorates the top of my inspo board - they look so cute all strung together :) Happy summer! Mo xoxo SUMMER BUCKET LIST > I designed this to use as a summer bucket list, but you could use it for any list -  at all! POPSICLES > These blank popsicles are dying to be decorated! Print them on cardstock and paint them with watercolors, cover them with washi tape, or use a micro pen to create intricate doodles in each one. Then, string them up for a summertime banner! IT’S A GOOD DAY > Make this your summer mantra :) LETTERHEAD > There’s no excuse not to catch up with penpals this summer - use this pretty bold paper to write about your summer adventuress and keep in touch with friends. Or, write a note to your neighbor and drop it off with some flowers, fruit, or a bottle of bubbles! POSTCARDS > Print this postcard template on the back of one of this month’s paper patterns and get writing! Put a scratch-n-sniff stamp in the corner to get mega bonus points! DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO CLUB PRINTABLES HERE
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