2018 January Kids Printables

  This month’s printables will have you spreading love to friends, family, and neighbors all month long! With coloring pages, pop up cards, and friendship garland, they’ll keep you inspired for days and days! Mo xoxo DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS PRINTABLES HERE LOVE BUGS > How man hearts to do you see? These lovebugs are so cute, you could cut them out and use them in a Valentine’s collage! HEARTS ON HEARTS > At first glance, there are lots of hearts on the page - look closer to find friendly animals making a splash! Match them up and color them in. BEST FRIENDS CHAIN > These best friends make a pretty fun bunch. Color them in, cut them out, and glue their paws together for a happy decoration. If you want your chain to be longer, print out extras! LOVE NOTES > Valentines can be simple! Print these on cardstock and pass them out in class, or leave around the house for your family with little notes of appreciation written inside! POP UP VALENTINE > We can’t get enough pop-up cards! They’re SUPER simple, and always take people by surprise! DOWNLOAD YOUR KIDS PRINTABLES HERE
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- April 09, 2024

Do you have any examples of how the pop-up should look like or work? please :) thank you

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