Congratulations to Taryn (Age 6) from New Jersey for being our February coloring contest winner! Taryn, we’ll be sending you this awesome Standing Art Easel! Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your March entries! WINNER: – Taryn - Age 6, New Jersey, USA Elina – Age 7, Maine, USA Rylee – Age 10, Virginia, USA Oliver – Age 6, Missouri, USA Charlotte – Age 4, Missouri, USA Alexia – Age 2, Calgary, CA Sol – Age 5, New York, USA Emma – Idaho, USA Ava – Age 4, California, USA Sydney – Age 6, Port Coquitlam, CA Mackenzie – Age 10, North Carolina, USA Abby – Age 6, Connecticut, USA Chayim – Age 5, Nebraska, USA Claire – New York, USA Sadie – Age 9, Texas, USA Pearl – Age 6, Indiana, USA Pippa – Age 4, Sydney, AUS Thomas – Age 6, Connecticut, USA
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