Congratulations to Eadith (age 8) from Sydney for being our SEPTEMBER coloring contest winner! Eadith , we’ll be sending you this super fun Easy Playhouse Cardboard Kit – we can’t wait to see what you do with it! Thank you to everyone who participated! I can’t wait to see your October entries? WINNER: – Eadith - Age 8, Sydney, AUS Kimmy – Utah, USA Mia – Age 7, California, USA Zella – Age 5, California, USA Bentley – California, USA Rachel – Age 5, California, USA Laina- Age 6, Pennsylvania, USA Mia – Age 6, New York, USA Evie – Age 6, Florida, USA Hawley – Age 10, Arizona, USA Zalee – Age 5, Arizona, USA Sadie – Age 7, New York, USA Kayla – Age 6, Oklahoma, USA Thomas – Age 5, Connecticut, USA Nina – Age 8, London, GB Knox– Age 7, California, USA Tatum - Age 6, Arizona, USA Boden- Age 8, Minnesota, USA Georgia- Age 7, Ontario, CAN Charlotte- Age 10, Nebraska, USA Anneliese - Age 7, Hawaii, USA Harlow - Age 5, North Dakota, USA Eli- Age 5, Oregon, USA Fiona - Illinois, USA Eadith - Age 8, Sydney, AUS Amelia - Age 6, Montreal, CAN Simone - California, USA Patience - Age 4, Cranbrook, BC Want to color this one again? Download the printable here!
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