It’s time to remember the fun and progress of last year, and celebrate the potential of the next one! These printables are a mix of creative prompts that will help you do both... As this is the time of year to socialize, you can share these with others in person, or keep them to yourself. E ither way, start off the year with appreciation for all you’ve done in the years past - and don’t forget how awesome you are! xoxo Mo DOWNLOAD YOUR PRO PRINTABLES HERE BUCKET LIST > Make a bucket list for the year to come! Whether it’s themed, serious, or totally goofy, it will help you start the year off with awesome intentions. A LITTLE MORE > This will help you reflect on your favorite (and not so favorite) parts of last year, with an eye to improve! POP FIZZ CLINK > CHEERS TO AN AMAZING NEW YEAR! ICONIC > Use this as a list to write your favorite things down as you look back on the year - or cut out and use to document your favorite things as the year goes on! CONVERSATION CARDS > Spice up the dinner table, sit with these and a cup of coffee, or leave them around town for strangers to find! PATTERN PLAY > Thank you cards, picture frames, stationery, have fun with these!
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