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Hands Off My Stickers! Sticker Collection Book


Life is just better with stickers . . . and now you have the perfect place to keep them! This Pipsticks + Workman collab is a collection book for sticker lovers, Hands Off My Stickers! includes five supersized coated fold-out pages in a rainbow of colors, giving you tons of space to store, organize, and have fun with your stickers. Plus, there are five sparkly holographic storage pouches for stickers that are just too special to stick. Bonus: You'll find three sticker sheets inside (matte, puffy, and glitter!) to decorate and customize each page. Start building your sticker empire! This product includes

  • 1 Spiral Bound Sticker Collection Book (9" x 10.5" x 1.5" closed)
  • 5 Holographic pouches
  • 5 Fold-out glossy, laminated pages
  • Matte, Puffy, and Glitter Stickers

Please note: The sticker collection book has coated pages intended for easy removal of stickers. However, the ability to remove a sticker depends largely on what glue is used in manufacturing and how long it's been stuck to the paper. While most stickers will come off soon after being adhered to the book, we can't guarantee that it will work in every scenario. For best stick + peel ability, we suggest using our PVC Pipstickers on these pages.

Released: June 2018

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