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Use Your Noodle Postcard Pack


Who doesn't like sending fun mail! Pipsticks postcards are perfect to create fun snail mail for postcrossing, your pen pal, or just because! Time to get writing!

Each pack includes 12 Use Your Noodle postcards with holographic gold foil accents!

Cultural History of the Lucky Cat

The Lucky Cat is a common Japanese symbol thought to bring good luck to business owners. Most commonly you’ll see them as figurines in shops or restaurants. When the Lucky Cat has the left paw raised, it is meant to bring in customers, and if the right paw is raised, it is meant to increase profits. 

According to a Japanese folktale, the operator of a struggling business took in a starving stray cat when they were struggling to keep themselves fed. The cat sat in front of the store, beckoning customers, which saved the business. Ever since, the "beckoning cat" has been a symbol of good luck for small businesses worldwide.

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