Pipsticks + Yay For Today Collab

Rainbows, smiley faces and positivity in every way you can imagine, that is what Yay For Today stands for: making every day a good day, with a little bit of color and fun! Sidney Hambsch wants you to love fitness but also eat cookies and drink Diet Coke, because life must be fun, above all!
We believe Movement is Magic and wanna make our health a priority, not an obsession
Yay for Today x Pipsticks Collab

Yay For Today + Pipsticks Collab

Yay for Today + Pipsticks collaboration Sidney's contribution to our July 2020 Pro pack is the Think Positively sticker sheet, everything Yay for Today is all about in sticker form :)

Let's chat with Sidney Hambsch from Yay For Today

Sidney Hambsch from Yay for Today
Do you have a nickname? Sid! Where do you live? Where are you from? San Diego, CA (born here too)! My favorite place on Earth! What five - or more - things do you LOVE? Adventuring with my family, working out, frozen yogurt (all the toppings), Diet Coke (McDonald's drive-thru is the best) and rainbows! What two - or more - things do you dislike? Snakes and dirty bathrooms! What's something that you are secretly really good at Finding hidden gems to explore in our city! I love finding new places to take my little! Do you have siblings? I do! I have an older sister! What did you want to be when you grew up as a child? Well, my first year in college I was a bio major.... and QUICKLY learned medicine was NOT for me! Thankfully switched and found my calling: broadcast journalism! What do you do for work? I'm a social media influencer, workout junkie and own a fun feel-good activewear shop while being a stay at home mama to my little Liam! How long have you been in the creative industry? 8 years! Started as a TV reporter, then turned spokesperson for brands and now share all things fun, family and fitness on my Instagram account @yayfortoday_! What's the thing you're most proud of making? Being a mama! My 4-year-old little boy Liam is my best friend! Spending our days adventuring and finding YAY makes my heart so happy! What's an exciting idea you've had recently? To move to JAPAN! My family and I are making the big outta country move and I couldn't be more excited to just eat, pray & love my way through Asia! What's your favorite color combination right now? I'm such a sucker for rainbow!! All the time! What's your favorite pen? I've been busting out my old Jelly Pens which have been a blast! How many hours a day do you spend on creativity? 1-2 ish! I use my workouts as a time to creatively brainstorm and then I try to work in creativity throughout our day with my little one! He's now into drawing and sidewalk chalk, which is super fun! When did you fall in love with stickers? I think seeing the excitement stickers bring to Liam (my little) really showed me how magical they are! Anytime someone hands him a sticker his eyes light up and it's so sweet! What's your favorite Karaoke song? Friends in Low Places by Mr. Brooks! It's the easiest song to sing to and a total crowd pleaser! What's in your perfect trail mix? I would do buffalo flavored pretzels, peanut m&m's, starbursts and cheese its! I don't know how they'd taste all together- but those are some of my fave snacks! Coffee or tea? Coffee! What food could you eat all day every day? Toast! Or really any type of bread! Carbs are my bffs. What's your favorite movie? La La Land! I mean, the music, costumes, backdrop and lead roles are just so dreamy! I've watched it a million times! What are you currently reading? The Third Door by Alex Banayan! So. Dang. Good! What's the best present you've received? A fancy hotel stay- I LOVE stay-cations! Last year I stayed at the Parker in Palm Springs for my birthday and it was so dreamy! Share some words of wisdom (in 10 words-ish or less) What you think are your greatest weaknesses are really your greatest strengths! What are three Instagram accounts that inspire you? @heatherkmcmanhan she's SO funny and inspires me to giggle every day! @taza She inspires me to adventure with Liam! @jimmymarble his photography is so dreamy!
Thank you, Sidney, for sharing and for a great collab! Mo xoxo
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