Valentine sticker matchbooks

final3_1024x1024 We couldn't be more excited about Valentine's Day this year. We are obsessed with all things pink and this holiday gives us ample opportunity to use it! These valentines are the perfect answer to those of you who feel a small part of your soul die when you buy your kids the latest character valentines at the grocery store, yet don't have the time or energy to start from scratch. They are easy to make (for both adults and kids) and will delight the recipients with sticker surprises inside. Move over candy hearts... vday-materials_1024x1024 MATERIALS Cardstock (we used neon pink, but you could do any color - or white if you want to color them in) Printer Paper cutter (or scissors and a steady hand) Stapler Stickers (the valentine template is set up for sticker sheets that are around 2x4". This is usually about two squares of perforated stickers, or you can cut larger sticker sheets down to size). montage1_2_1024x1024 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Download & print out our Pipsticks printable valentine sticker matchbook template on your cardstock. 2. Cut the top and bottom off where the swirly pattern ends so the pattern bleeds off of the page. Then, cut the sheet into three, centering your vertical cut in the middle of the clear borders between the valentines. montage_558acc30-e419-43af-a604-e16f43a1e475_1024x1024 3. Fold the card along the dotted lines at the bottom and middle of the design. There will be a small overlap between the edges which will keep the valentine closed. 4. Center your sticker sheet on the inside of the valentine, keeping the bottom edge high enough so you can remove the stickers once it is stapled in. 5. Staple the sticker sheet in the center of the bottom fold. Use one more staple on each side to secure the sticker sheet. Be sure staple in the lower half of the bottom fold so there is room for the top flap to slip in. final5_1024x1024 6. Tuck the top flap into the bottom fold and address to the lucky recipient(s). final4_1024x1024 7. Go spread the sticker love!
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