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What's inside that brown paper package? sticker-wrapping You may not have the skills to be a professional rapper but we have faith you can still be a professional WRAPPER (Eminem is on our Spotify mix right now).  In fact, with this gift wrapping DIY you may even get an award for "Best New Artist". After searching high and low for the perfect present for your BFF you may or may not have found it (if you're still looking, gift subscriptions are always ace)! If you use these sweet gift wrapping Pro tips, it won't matter - the gift itself will be an afterthought. I'm in two minds over wrapping paper. On one hand, I love it - I mean it's colorful, patterned paper, how could I not? But unless you've got a Martha Stewart stash of gift wrap, it's tough to get through a roll without getting sick of it in the process. Washi stickers If you mix it up enough to be exciting, it can become an expensive and roomy habit, so I've found keeping a collection of solid paper (or using a brown paper bag) and coupling it with STICKERS and washi tape is a brilliant alternative. This is also a great way to make the wrapping totally personal, inspired by the recipient. She'll be so impressed she might not even care that there's a present inside (JK, you're not THAT good). sticker-wrapping-materials What you'll need: Magazine (any magazine or catalog, Madewell came through for us yet again!) Scissors Brown craft paper (or even a brown paper bag #recycling) Pens/pencils/crayons Stickers, the more colorful the better! Glue stick Washi tape String or ribbon sticker-wrapping-step-1 What to do: 1.Wrap it up! Cut the brown craft paper to the appropriate size to wrap the gift . 2. Pick a portrait or picture from the magazine and Cut. It. Out. (Full House reference?). Black and white pictures look edgy and contrast well with loads of colorful stickers and washi tape. sticker-wrapping-step-2 3. Glue magazine cut out onto brown wrapping... now here comes the fun part. sticker-wrapping-step-3 4. Decorate with stickers and washi tape. You really can't go wrong, especially with little stars and hearts. 5. Tie a string around it and voila! Surprise your bestie with your mindful gift wrapping. She will undoubtedly be impressed with your decorating skillz - not to mention your sticker collection (if she is, have her join the sticker club!). sticker-wrapping2 Ta-da! Super simple, amiright?! You can also add other bits to spice up the wrapping like we did with this sticker gift wrap project. No matter the occasion - birthday, holiday, wedding, or you just want to send some love - have fun and wrap up a completely personalized gift. Because the wrapping paper matters just as much as what's inside it, and even if the gift isn't THAT great at least the outside will be, right? :) Make sure your sticker stash is always fresh and gift wrap ready. Join the Pipsticks sticker club now!  
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- April 09, 2024

What a great idea! Definitely doing this soon. ?

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