These stickers CRACK us up

sticker-crackers-final_1 Party crackers are a little bit of bling for your holiday table. They're like the piñata of dinner parties! We’re not talking about Ritz crackers (our intern was confused when we asked her to look into this DIY). This year, we’re ready to celebrate with a twist on a classic cracker. What would make the classic cracker even better?? You guessed it. These crackers are filled and decorated with . . . stickers! Did you expect anything less? Traditionally used to celebrate across the pond, we’re bringing them to the U.S. and looking for any excuse to put them on our table. Christmas crackers are an English tradition (one that gets our vote over minced pies!), full of little treats that delight even the most sophisticated dinner guest. They also tick a lot of boxes:
  • Instantly glam up your table
  • Act as great ice breakers (pardon the pun)
  • Encourage general silliness (stupid jokes + paper crowns are standard goodies in each one)
  • Keep kids busy (hallelujah!)
So get cracking (we couldn't resist) and impress your friends with these super fun (dare we say exotic) party crackers. ps. If you're feeling lazy but are dazzled by this fun DIY, order them pre-made here and spend your time rocking them out with stickers (fist bump for keeping things simple). sticker crackers Sticker-cracker_materieals What you'll need: 8.5 x 11" paper (wrapping paper or thinner sheets work best) Toilet paper rolls x 2 (one cut in thirds) Ribbon Scissors Stickers! (to put inside and decorate with) Cracker snaps Tape or glue Jokes - print a sheet of some of our faves here Paper Crowns sticker-cracker_process What to do:
  1. Tape or glue cracker snap in various places along the length of the paper.
  2. Tape or glue the toilet paper roll in the middle of the paper.
  3. Roll the paper around the tube.
  4. Gently pinch the end of the paper at the edge of the roll.sticker-cracker-process_2
  5. Tie one end with ribbon.
  6. Insert the piece of cardboard roll in the end and secure with tape or glue.
  7. Stuff the other side with stickers, crown, and jokes.
  8. Tie the other end with ribbon (and curl if it's curling ribbon!).sticker-cracker-process_3
  9. Decorate with stickers!! We love using letter stickers to add names.
  10. Set your finished crackers at the table, tie on a package, or give as hostess gifts.
  11. Challenge your bestie to the best kind of tug-o-war (one with stickers not mud!).
sticker-cracker-process_5 sticker-cracker_green-1  sticker-cracker-final_4
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- April 09, 2024

Ahhh! I have always wanted to make these :) I still have my gold paper crown in my keepsake box from the first time I ever received a cracker. Thank you for sharing this, Mo!


- April 09, 2024

OHMYGOSH I AM SO EXCITED TO MAKE THESE NOW!!! Thanks for telling me where to get the cracker snaps :D I hope they get here on time :) If they do, we’ll be making them for New Year’s Eve :D
Thank you thank you thank you! :D

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