Sugar and Type Planner Review... My Plans to Rule The World

I'm loving this Sugar and Type Planner! It's simple, pretty, and so easy to use! And the tag line, I mean, come on... "My plans to take over the world"!

I first found this planner on Instagram, I reached out to Ilana and she was gracious enough to send over a planner for us to take a look at and giveaway to one of our luck subscribers! What I like most about this planner, is it has my faves from other planners, all brought together, including some other goodies!

Sugar and Type Planner

The first page of the Sugar and Type planner is a great breakdown of everything the planner has to offer, with simple notes on how to use each section. What I think I like most about this planner is that it has some of my favorite aspects from other planners, like goal setting, to-do lists, beautiful quote cards, some bullet sections, and simple design.

Sugar and Type Planner Yearly Overview

The yearly overview has a quick calendar view of each month, followed by a "Don't Forget" section that allows you to highlight special dates for each month throughout the year. The next page is an "Account Tracker" which is followed by a page titled "Your Plans to Rule This Year", where you can write out any goals, to-do's or overall notes. What's an Account Tracker? The account tracker is a space for you to list important online accounts, with the username associated... she so sweetly reminds us that "Passwords are not included because nobody likes a hacker, and I know you sometimes misplace your planner." Sugar and Type monthly view  

Sugar and Type Planner Monthly Breakdown

The monthly breakdown section starts with a beautifully hand-lettered quote card, a page with a "Monthly Goals" section, a "Last Month's High Fives" section, and a bullet section titled "Plans to Make This Month Awesome". The next two pages are your monthly budget pages, followed by your monthly overview. What are the monthly budget pages? The first budget page allows you to enter your overall income & expenses (planned & actual), with all the categories you need... Treat Yo Self (my favorite expense), Utilities, Savings, Groceries, Transportation, Loans, Charitable Donations, Memberships, Entertainment, Gifts, Clothing, Misc.. It also includes a simple spending log, with date, dollar amount, and description. Sugar and Type monthly budget

Sugar and Type Planner Weekly/Daily Breakdown

Each week in the Sugar and Type planner starts with a section where you can list your Top 5 priorities for the week, to-do's, and a bullet section for notes. With large daily sections to plan your day away! I really enjoy this layout, because it's guided enough to keep you on task, but open enough to let you do what you want. Sugar and Type daily breakdown The Sugar and Type planner ends with everything you need! Including a brain dump page, a fun coloring page w/hand lettered quote, 7 lined note pages and 6 bullet pages for notes or whatever else you might need it for, 3 sketch pages, a memories page, 5 detailed groceries list, followed by a detailed daily breakdown with hourly options, action items, water intake, and notes. The last page of the Sugar & Type planner is a Networking page, where you can write names, emails, and phone numbers of fun people you meet throughout the year! And the best part? Once you buy the planner, you are able to print more of all of these page through the website! Check it out here.

Sugar and Type Planner Wrap-up!

As I said in the beginning, I'm enjoying this Sugar and Type planner because it has the things I love from other planners, all brought into a single space. The added budget planner, grocery pages, water intake, accounts, and networking pages are a major bonus that allow me to really keep everything in one place.Sugar and Type Monthly Overview If you’re interested in purchasing the Sugar and Type Planner for yourself, you can find here, use the code "pipsticks" for 20% off your order. There are 2 types of planners to purchase, this one and a customizable option.. And, of course, if you need some awesome stickers to add some sunshine to your planner, our Pro Club is for you. Have you used the Sugar & Type Planner? If so, do you like it? Mo xoxo
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- April 09, 2024

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