Suatelier Stickers are the complete package

Suatelier stickers tick all the boxes. They're the complete package. You know those people that have it all? Good looks, a sense of humor, a shoulder to cry on or just the right thing to say when you need to hear it? You'd hate them for being perfect except you can't because they're just so irresistible. In our industry, that person is Suatelier stickers. IMG_7672 That's Suatelier, pronounce Swa-til-lee-ayyyy (funky, I know). suatelier stickers geisha dolls By now, you've probably seen our other Sticker Kingdom posts which have included peeks into our collections of kawaii stickers, scratch 'n sniff stickers, and puffy stickers. Now it's time to give some props to a brand that pulls from all styles to create a suite of stickers that is made up of cute, fun and OMG-I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT sticker sheets! pink-planner_veggie-stickers Suatelier Stickers are some of our faves and are featured regularly in our Pro Club sticker packs.  From classy to goofy, the Korean brand has us looking like the heart-eye emoji every time! Here are just some from our collection... Just a heads up, some of the stickers below are from past packs and some will be in upcoming packs (consider this a sneak peek and let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below). 

Suatelier stickers

faded-floral_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: labels Sophisticated and cute in this pastel palette, Suatelier sticker labels are so versatile. These stickers are definitely planner ready! silver-bikes_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Bikes These stickers are like riding a bike: unforgettable. I'll take the the bike with the beach ball looking tires, please and thank you! owls_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Owls WHO knew owls could be so cute? Unlike real owls these Suatelier stickers aren't nocturnal, but like real owls these stickers are totally cool! metallic-snowflakes_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Winter It's never too early to get prepared for the holidays, right? These stickers have me singing "Let it Snow" despite the fact that it is still summertime.  Also, how much is that cute orange house? I think I'd like to live on that sticker street :) love2_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Love "I love you" (me to these stickers).  How darling is this sheet of Suatelier stickers? Personally crushing on the cherry with side eye.  Can't wait for Valentine's Day to stick these all over a love letter <3 love_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Love Speaking of love, these Suatelier stickers are the perfect excuse to send a love letter via snail mail.  Stick these pretty little things all over a note and tell someone how you really feel, I dare you! little-english-men_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: London Cheerio! The little men in uniform have me wanting to take a trip back to the UK. Also, when's the last time you were in a phone booth? handwritten_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Love These Suatelier stickers with sayings are just so sweet. Getting a love letter with these would be total #RelationshipGoals! glitter-mustaches_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Mustache I mustache you a question: are you getting sick of people using that pun? But seriously, the real question: men with facial hair or without? A highly debated topic here at Pipsticks HQ. fruits-and-flowers_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Flowers Love this adorable colored pencil garden.  Doesn't it look like the bear really wants to sell you those flowers?! Total secret garden vibes. frankfurt_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: German Someone please pass me a bratwurst and a pint, I have serious cravings after checking out this German inspired Suatelier sticker sheet. dog-breeds_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Pups Hey dog lovers, check these out! These fluffy looking stickers make any ruff day a little better. I might go barking mad if someone told me these aren't the cutest puppy stickers you've ever seen. But seriously, did we ever find out who let the dogs out (WOOF. WOOF! WOOF!)? colorful-symbols_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Fun These randomly fun Suatelier stickers are perfect for everyday use. From a postcard to a planner, these colorful Suatelier stickers will brighten up everything they get stuck on! cute-random_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Happiness Suatelier Stickers created a sticker sheet that is pure happiness! My personal fave is the framed llama (random but heartwarming), but the flowers are sweet too.  What's your favorite? coffee-and-snacks_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Cafe Coffee and beer? Sign me up! Totally craving a churro now, anyone else? chubby-bunnies-and-flowers_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Bunnies How do you know that carrots are good for your eyes? Because you never see a bunny wearing glasses.  Flower crowns on the other hand... Loving these cotton-tailed cuties. These Suatelier stickers have been some of the most loved Pipsticks Pro Pack stickers of all time, according to our monthly subscriber surveys! bon-voyage_735 Disclaimer: these are not actually Suatelier stickers (They are Funny brand stickers - also from Korea). They fit so well into this collection though that I'm giving them a pass! KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Bon Voyage Just caught a case of the travel bug, how about you? These stickers make me want to book a flight ASAP.  Bon Voyage everyone! animals4_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Animals This sticker sheet is essentially a zoo! I really love the pastel colors making the animals look super sweet, except for that snake... he's still a little scary looking. clothing_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Fashion I think these Suatelier stickers are more fashionable than I am. So trendy! Oops now I'm online shopping... #inspired floral_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Flowers How sweet are these dainty flowers? And how perfect would the little sayings be in a snail mail letter? It would totally make someone's day! jewels_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Gems Just like Rihanna, these Suatelier stickers shine bright like a diamond.  They're totally a girls best friend in sticker form! party-sweets_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Sweets My sweet tooth is hurting just looking at these sweet little stickers. I mean how cute is the mini mouse cupcake? The epitome of birthday card perfection. And spoiler alert... these might be in your September Pro Classic MEGA sticker packs :) raindrops_735 KINGDOM: Sticker > PHYLUM: Korean > Class: Rain Suatelier stickers are makin' it rain with cuteness! "Raindrops are Falling on my Head" is now officially stuck in my head... any song suggestions to help me get it out? Idk about you, but my obsession with Suatelier stickers is exponential! Just remember, that's Suatelier, pronounced Swah-til-lee-ayyy!  Ayyy as in, "Ayyy how cute are those stickers?!" If you're not already subscribed to our Pro Club, don't miss out on getting some of these irresistible stickers in the mail this month! Join the sticker club today :) *cue swooning when you open your pro sticker pack and see these babies! Mo xoxo p.s. Puffy sticker collection, Kawaii sticker collection, scratch n sniff sticker collection.
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- April 09, 2024

where can you buy them from ?? i did a quick google and just kept getting 3rd party sites !! i couldnt find a site for them


- April 09, 2024

I LOVE the Funny Brand sticker sheet of the women of the world <3 And oddly enough, I wanted to wear all of the clothes from the Fashion sticker sheet (so cute!). But my favorite sticker is by far the mini mouse cupcake!! I actually got the top half of that sheet in my September package but I missed out on the best one!

Lauren Taylor

- April 09, 2024

I’ve only been a member for one month but I’m obsessed!!! I got the dogs in my welcome pack and they are my favorite. I jumped on the chance to order a grab bag when we got the email for it. This club has helped me write more letters and focus on the little things in life. I love it!!


- April 09, 2024

I love all of them. Every single sheet. I mean it.


- April 09, 2024

I completely support your obsession! I can barely narrow down my favs. I’m in love with the labels, fashion,sweets and rain. And I adore the German stickers — I could gain real brownie points with my BFF who lives in Cologne, Germany.

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