Sticker confetti poppers

final_2_1f31d496-ff10-4e20-b5d2-879ee350f87b_1024x1024 Confetti is a beloved party luxury around the Pipsticks Studio. Once contraband in our childhoods (for reasons we now well understand as parents), we cannot get enough of it, despite the obvious challenges it poses when it comes to clean up. While New Years Eve is the perfect excuse to make these simple - but extremely efficient and effective - little launchers, they are a great addition to any confetti appropriate occasion (whether a wedding or a Wednesday). They also prove great launchers for other household items... materials_78639a8c-270f-4975-8c29-4764f9433015_1024x1024 MATERIALS Stickers! Toilet paper / paper towel rolls Balloons Scissors Paint Paint brush Duct tape Washi tape (optional) montage_7eaaea37-c34b-4161-85e0-291c92f12829_1024x1024 INSTRUCTIONS 1. Paint rolls and let them dry. 2. Tie the end of your balloons. 3. Cut the tops off of your balloons. Err on the side of too much on the bottom so you're sure to have enough to stretch over the roll. montage-2_1024x1024 4. Stretch the open end of the balloon over the roll so that the tied end of the balloon is flush with the bottom. 5. Secure with duct tape. 6. Decorate the popper with washi tape and stickers! montage_3_c40833fb-105b-480a-a7ea-8c790b767138_1024x1024 TO OPERATE 1. Fill with confetti. 2. Aiming the open end of the tube up, pull down on the balloon end. 3. Count down...and let go! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ALL THE BEST FOR 2015!
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