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You'll never believe what I found in my closet the other day. sticker bomb closet Since we've moved to California, I'm thrilled to report that not only do I no longer have to wear socks (managing a family of six's socks is absolute torture), I also rarely wear anything that requires hanging. T-shirts, jeans, and sundresses that are fine on hooks or rolled up (Mari Kondo style) in my drawer are pretty much my uniform. The best part about this is that my closet is manageable and tidy...because I never use it. My kids have a knack for shoving random stuff ALL OVER the place. Shoes, my purse, a box fan, cracks in the table, under my pillow. If there's enough space for a tiny little hand, there better also be a lock and key, or else! Well, sometime in the last six months (I'm all about the details, you can see), someone stashed a bunch of old Pipsticks envelopes between my favorite leather jacket (getting no use - the downside of warm weather) and my raincoat. Alas, the envelopes were empty, but it did give me the idea for this DIY! sticker bomb hanger up close Growing up, I dreamt of a closet full of pink, satin, stuffed hangers (my friend, Julie, had them). As an adult I've always felt that the hodgepodge of wood, plastic, and mangled wire hangers in my closet was definitely messing with my chi. That said, natural wooden hangers never felt right either. Just a little too...boring. I LOVE sticker bombing. It's totally therapeutic (my version of adult coloring), and also uses up all those odd stickers left on the sheet - the ones that weren't your faves, but you feel guilty getting more until you use them up. sticker bomb journal Well, my friends, this is the solution! Sticker bombing makes otherwise the less than stunning sticker something special - it shines along with a little help from its friends! Sticker bomb hangers are amazing. This functional DIY is super fun, and brings a little party every time I open up my closet. I even find myself swapping jeans for trousers so that I can appreciate the hangers (and all the stuff that I'm usually loathe to re-hang and sits piled on a chair is now hung up right away)... materials sticker-mess WHAT YOU'LL NEED Hangers (wooden hangers work best) Spray paint Loads of stickers (perfect for using up partial sheets) Shiny, clear tape WHAT TO DO spray-paint-2
  1. Spray paint the hook and the rod of the hanger.
stickering 2. Sticker bomb the arms (is that what we call those?). taping 3. Use clear strapping or scotch tape to seal the stickers. This is totally the lazy person's version of lacquering by the way :) Tightly wrap strips of tape around the arms to keep the stickers from peeling up and add some shine to the hangers. final 4.  Ta-da! Impress your friends with the party in your closet or, better yet, use them to hang magazines on your wall. They're totally worthy! final-3 I've been looking for a hanger worthy of this dress for a while now. Check! dress Have fun, and now that you've used up those straggler stickers, join our sticker club and re-up your supply with THE BEST of the best. Mo xoxo p.s. My kids loved helping with this project too. It's totally kid proof once you're past the spray painting! p.p.s. Sticker bomb cards, sticker bomb accessories:)
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Shay Shuffler

- April 09, 2024

Just before you decide to create your own checklist to add an idea associated with what camping checklist ought to. Really … A listing can be in excess of what you need.

Amy G

- April 09, 2024

This is a brilliantly simple and empowering DIY!
It encourages kids to use their creativity in bombing the hangers-
entices them into being neat and organized by actually liking their closet and the functionality and necessity of a hanger-
empowers them to take an active role in creating a closet that they will use because it is full of FUN hangers that they made with their own little hands!

Bravo Pipsticks! I can’t wait to get my little ones started with their subscriptions…now if only I could convince Grandma that this is a great gift idea ;)

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