Sticker Bomb Greeting Cards

We're always left with partial sheets of stickers - sheets that my kids have no interest in using when it's time to sit down to a new project. This is a great way to use them up and make even the lame ones that have weaseled their way into your collection look cool. The cards are made a bit more sophisticated with a punch. Easy peasy. MATERIALS: Lots of stickers! Cardstock or pre-folded notecard Paper punch (the bigger ones work the best) Alphabet stamps   DIRECTIONS: 1. Stick stickers everywhere on one side of the card. You will find that you go through stickers quickly when overlapping them, so you may want to focus your stickering to just the front of the card. Start with big stickers. 2. Get creative... or not. My kids tend to put them all over and then I go back and fill in the gaps. You can make patterns or just stick them randomly, the beauty of this is there is really no way to mess it up. Let the stickers hang off the edges. 3. Turn the card over and trim the stickers flush with the edge of the card. 4. Align punch where you want it to be - it's easiest if you turn it upside-down so you can see exactly where you're punching. 5. We keep the sticker covered punches for other things - little love notes, currency, pen pal surprises, or accessories. 6. Use alphabet stamps to stamp a message in the middle of the sticker madness!
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- April 09, 2024

DEF!!!! gonna do this!! :D


- April 09, 2024

Love this idea! Thanks!

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