Sticker Bomb Accessories

What better way to sport your sticker bling than clips and pins? You can use the discarded gems of other sticker bombing activities like this one, or punch out some shapes just for this project. Either way, with a little bit of clear packing tape and some bobby pins and/or safety pins, you'll be looking lovely in no time. For those of you with laminating machines, you may laminate the shapes instead of using the poor/lazy man's tape lamination :)   MATERIALS Sticker bomb shapes (made with paper or card, stickers, punch) clear packing tape scissors bobby pins safety pins DIRECTIONS 1. If you don't have sticker bombed shapes, see a more in-depth tutorial for making them here. 2. Cut a piece of tape that is at least 2 1/2 times the width of the shape. 3. Lay the shape face down on the tape and press down firmly. 4. Fold the extra tape around the back of the shape trying not to get any air pockets and press the tape firmly against each side. 5. Use scissors to trim the tape from around the shape. 6. Use another small piece of strapping tape to secure a safety pin or bobby pin to the back of the "laminated" shape, press down firmly, and trim any excess tape that pokes out from the outside of the shape. 7. Ta-da! Spruce up your other accessories, share some sticker love, or give as gifts. You rock.
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