Passion Planner review... Are you ready to get real?

The Passion Planner isn't just a pretty book on the shelf (but it is SUPER pretty)... and the word "planner" doesn't do it justice! This is a goal setting, journaling, bad-day reversing,  time-managing, bad a**, magical side-kick! To start, I may not call this Passion Planner a planner, but instead refer to it as my magical sidekick, because that is what is should be called! Passion planner layout One of my favorite parts about the Passion Planner is that it feels like you've got your own little cheerleader with you at all times (or, in my case, my mom!). It's like you have a little life coach walking you through how to set your goals, plan your next steps, and keep focused. Let's get into the details....
Passion Planner: If you could have anything, be anything, do anything, what would it be? 
This deep, thought provoking question is how your magical sidekick starts you off. She hits you hard with the good stuff and really makes you think about what you want in life. You give yourself 5 minutes and write out your biggest dreams, then she takes you through the process of turning those into actions, and setting goals for those actions. And we're just getting started. When they say passion planning they mean PASSION planning! Passion Planner roadmap

Passion Planner's Monthly Breakdown

Now that we've set our goals, we move on to our monthly planner. With every month, the magical sidekick includes a spot for your monthly focus (split by work & personal), a people to see section, a places to go section, a "not to-do list", a personal projects list (with top priorities), a work projects list (with top priorities), a space to create a "mind map" of this month's game changer, and of course your daily spaces. What's a not to-do list? The not-to-do list is there to remind you of the things you shouldn't focus on. For instance, in January I will not
  • Look at my phone when I'm not checking something specific
  • Stress about ordering in (a lot)
  • Go to bed immediately after working
  • Stay up too late
Creating a not-to-do list is a little reminder to focus on the things that matter and keep yourself on track! Passion Planner weekly breakdown What's a game changer? This is the goal that would have the most positive impact on your life right now. Having this up-front and in-your face, keeps you focused and reminded of why you're doing what you're doing. At the end of each month, there are 2 pages of monthly reflections, asking you things like "What was the most memorable part of this past month" or "What or who are you especially grateful for this month?". Again, your Passion Planner has your back! This is a time to reflect on what went right, what went wrong and keep yourself motivated to move on.

Passion Planner's Weekly/Daily Breakdown

Next, we have our weekly/daily breakdowns. With each week, we have a section for the weekly focus, good things that happened, a personal & work to-do list (with top priority & errand sections) and a beautiful little note of encouragement, as well as a to-do to keep you on task for your bigger goals and give yourself a pick-me-up if you're feeling blue! AKA - Look at all the COOL stuff you've done! Each day includes a spot for the day's focus as well as an hourly breakdown to keep you organized (thank you, Passion Planner!). Passion Planner weekly focus

Passion Planner Wrap-up!

As you can probably tell, I'm pretty in love with this magical side-kick and I'm excited to continue to use it and see how it keeps me focused! I'm loving the 40 additional pages (20 blank, 20 grid) in the back, where I can write, doodle, and sticker my thoughts to get them out into the open - though to be honest, I need about 100! The little Moleskinesque folder in the back is a perfect spot to keep all my planner stickers! It seems like a secret compartment :) It's soft and durable faux-leather cover (which is animal and vegan friendly!) makes it lightweight, and easy to carry with you. The goal-focused, good-vibes giving attitude is just awesome, and the simple, straightforward design makes it totally customizable (read: it goes with ALL my stickers!). Passion planner with all my stickers If you're interested in purchasing the planner for yourself, you can find it here. You can choose different sizes, colors, and whether you want it dated or not (I love the undated one for the weeks that I just space it completely - this takes the guilt right out of that!). If you need some awesome stickers to keep your planner on point, our Pro Club is for you. Have you used the Passion Planner? If so, do you like it? Mo xoxo p.s. Bando planner review, Amazing printable post-card
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- May 11, 2024

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