July 2017 Pro Printables Subscription

Hiya Guys! This month's printables are inspired by summer days and free spirits! I hope this brings out a little bit of the flower child in each of you :D You'll find a mix of black and white options as well as full color options with simple designs and clean lines! Each printable can be printed on any type of paper, but we like to use presentation quality paper. Don't forget to mix it up and print on colored paper, patterned paper, newsprint, or label paper! You never know what you'll be able to create! *Heart Eyes* DOWNLOAD YOUR PRINTABLES HERE

The Breakdown

MAKE A WISH > Whether you limit yourself to three, or write a whole essay, list your wishes here, then close your eyes, and blow! FIND ME WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE > Fill the mason jar with your dream bouquet - draw flowers, or cut and collage them onto the paper. Frame > This frame makes the perfect intention holder. Write what you love most about yourself and post it on your pin board or do the same for your friends and send it to them. FLOWER POWER > Use these patterned papers to make a flower bunting, or fold them up as envelopes. GROW > Print this out and frame it, or write all the ways you have grown since your last birthday around the center. FLOWER CROWN > Cut out the flowers to create a flower crown for the hairstyles on the next two pages. Keep the flowers black and white for a bold effect, or color them in to create a dreamy boho accessory.

What should I print on?

What paper should I use to print my pages? Any regular printer paper is okay, however they’ll look best if you using a presentation quality paper. We suggest What sticker sheets should I use to print stickers on? For any stickers that come in your printable subscription, you'll want full sheet sticker paper. We suggest: If you have any other questions, please shoot me an email at mo@pipsticks.com. DOWNLOAD YOUR PRINTABLES HERE xo Mo p.s. Don't forget! you can adjust the sizing in your page setup to print them out smaller!
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