Pipsticks + Plans That Blossom Collab + Giveaway!

Nicole Barlettano, creator of Plans That Blossom and a true bullet journal queen!! She spends her days as a product designer for children’s craft kits and has turned her love for doodles and sketches into a side hustle appreciated by over 94,000 Instagram followers (of which I am one)!

She also just published a book, My Life in Lists, that breaks down the art of journaling with loads of creative prompts and illustrations.

Nicole’s work is fun, colorful, and organized. And let's be honest - it could inspire anyone to ‘Marie Kondo’ their journaling habits! @plansthatblossom As a bujo wannabe, I've been a fan of Nicole's for years and I am thrilled to be collaborating with her to make some serious sticker dreams come true! The sticker sheets we designed for the August Pro pack are a planner lover’s dream and definitely worthy of your Insta pics! To kick off the collab, we're doing a giveaway that includes LOTS of stickers + Nicole's new book, My Life in Lists. Read our Q+A with Nicole below, be sure to sign up for the Pro Sticker Club, and get her stickers (if you're not already a member), and enter the giveaway...

Pipsticks + Plans That Blossom GIVEAWAY

Here's what you'll win:

  • 1 copy of Nicole Barlettano's My Life in Lists
  • 3 Month Pipsticks Gift Subscription
The giveaway will run through July 31st, so be sure to max out your entries and tell all your friends!!


Pipsticks + Plans That Blossom Don’t have social media? It’s cool, just enter your email above and you'll be entered to win. Also, EVERYONE in our Pro Sticker Club will also receive an entry, so if you're not already a subscriber, go sign up! Contest ends at 11:59 PM PST on Wednesday, July 31st. The winner will be announced Thursday August 1st, and will be contacted via email or social media. Contest Terms & Conditions

Let's chat with Nicole from Plans That Blossom

Where do you live? Where are you from? I live in Wayne, NJ - but am originally from Mexico, NY - yes, that's a real place! What things do you LOVE?  Drawing, bullet journaling, list making, vintage ephemera, fashion, jigsaw puzzles, and time with family and friends What do you dislike?  Spiders and small spaces! Do you have siblings? Yes! I have 3 older sisters What did you want to be when you grew up as a child? It changed a lot, but according to my mother, my first dream job was to be a waitress at McDonald's! (...there are no waitresses at McDonald's) Other than that, I wanted to do anything involving creativity. What do you do for work? I'm a graphic product designer for a children's craft and stationery company. I also freelance as an illustrator and social media content creator. How long have you been in the creative industry? I've been in the creative industry for about 12 years now! What's the thing you're most proud of making? It's a tie! I am so proud of myself for writing and illustrating my first book, My Life in Lists. It's a dream I've had most of my life, and I am so thrilled that it has become a reality. The second thing I'm most proud of, would be my Instagram account. I was always shy about sharing my personal work, and on a whim I decided to give it a shot, and it's opened so many doors for me. I am so honored to be a part of that lovely online community of creators! @plansthatblossom What's an exciting idea you've had recently? It's difficult to narrow down! I'm constantly coming up with new ideas, so sometimes I have to reel myself in! Haha! Recently, I decided to try a monthly theme in my bullet journal for the first time. I went with "Antique Shop" and while I'm not sure if monthly themes are for me, I'm proud that I stuck with it and stayed creative within a specific theme. What's your favorite color combination right now? Bright happy fun yellow with a side of pink or teal What's your favorite pen? Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen - Size S How many hours a day do you spend on creativity? Creativity is my job AND hobby - it's my jobby! So I spend at least 8 hours everyday involved in some sort of creative process. When did you fall in love with stickers? When I was little, my favorite thing in the whole world was the scholastic book fair that came to my school. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money, but my mother always let me to get a sticker book every time the fair came around. I would spend hours and hours looking at them, organizing them, or trading them with friends. It's an absolute dream come true to be making them for a living! @plansthatbloom  What's in your perfect trail mix? Anything with a cinnamon & sugar coating... Oats... nuts... essentially a cinnamon roll. Ok, so maybe forget the trailmix and just a cinnamon roll... Coffee or Tea? I was strictly a tea gal for most of my life. I didn't start drinking coffee until I was 30, but now I'm in love with it. Tea has sadly been placed on the back burner of my caffeine life. What are three Instagram accounts that inspire you? @lifebywhitney - Whitney is endlessly creative and never ceases to come up with ways to better organize and improve life. She truly cares about her followers - she's such a sweetheart! @journalsanctuary - Lucie has the most beautiful artistic style I've ever seen. She is effortlessly talented and she's incredibly sweet and humble as well. @metro_boulot_bujo - Marie has such an eye for detail and composition. She can draw anything in the world, and still keep it in her fantastically unique style. She's an absolute doll! Thanks Nicole! We are so excited to see your stickers in the 2019 August Pro subscription packs!  Follow Plans That Blossom here, and don't miss out on her amazing stickers! Mo xoxo
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Rin Wis

- April 09, 2024

Ooohhh the listst! And the beautiful art!

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