Pipsticks + Lisa Loeb Collab

No, I promise your eyes do not deceive you!  YES, that is Lisa Loeb!  And yes, we did a collab with her!!  ? I met Lisa through a friend, and we instantly hit it off (honestly, I can’t even believe I just typed that!)!  We share a deep love for stickers that started back in the 80s (when sticker rolls lined the walls of stationery stores!)! We knew right away that we needed to design some stickers together, and the “Fresh Air & Sunshine by Lisa Loeb” sticker sheet was born! It is packed with the sweetest, most thoughtful summer camp designs. Prepare to swoon and run immediately to your 7th-grade camp scrapbook and shed tears over your carefree 12-year-old self!

Pipsticks + Lisa Loeb Collab

Fireflies, s'mores, and songs by the campfire!  Nothing screams childhood nostalgia more than this so-sweet sticker sheet.  Those long sun-soaked days were so filled with promise (and laughter!)  Take me back!

Let's chat with Lisa...

Where are you from? Born in Bethesda, Maryland, raised in Dallas, Texas Where do you live now? Los Angeles, California Things I Love hot coffee with milk and sugar, post-it notes, gel pens, crossword puzzles, cats, cake & pie, peonies, rotary phones, the color pink (especially vintage salmon pink) Things I hate wood popsicle sticks, unfinished wood, mosquitos I'm Secretly Good At hoolahooping, tap dancing, ideation, typing, Do you have siblings? How Many? 3 siblings When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? ballet dancer and a doctor and Annie, from the musical, Annie What do you do for work? songwriting, singing, voice over artist, eyewear entrepreneur, touring musician, actor, producer, teacher How long have you been in the creative industry? my entire life One Thing I'm Proud Of other than my children, my songs My Exciting Idea I can't tell you.... but this year I initiated and co-created a zoom musical written, produced, and acted by 100 Brown University alum, so, making a musical that was created for, and performed in zoom! My Fave Color Combo salmon pink, brown, and cream Fave Pen for handwriting, Pilot G-2 07, but for coloring, I like the Japanese Gellyroll pens in all their glory. How many hours a day do you spend on creativity? all day, except in deep sleep. When did you fall in love with stickers? When I was in preschool and one of our neighbors worked in a factory that made puffy, lenticular stickers, and they brought samples home for us. Wacky pack stickers that came with gum. Then from piano teachers giving us stickers on our practice sheets and even simple star stickers from the teachers at school through elementary school, and then a huge resurgence in the 1980's with Mrs. Grossman's sticker rolls at the stationary shops. What's your favorite Karaoke song? I love when other people perform my song "Stay (I Missed You)" at karaoke and send me videos. When I sing Karaoke, it's usually "The Gambler" by Kenny Loggins. "You've got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em." What's in your perfect trail mix? roasted unsalted almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chips Coffee or tea? coffee What food could you eat all day every day? pizza What's your favorite movie? Bye Bye Birdie, the musical with Ann-Margaret What are you currently reading? Danny Trejo's autobiography What's the best gift you've received? custom lucite Flying V guitar from my husband for our anniversary Share some words of wisdom... Follow your wishing heart. (It's a lyric of mine from the song, "Wishing Heart.") What are three Instagram accounts that inspire you? @therhondaross @scarypockets @girltrek Lisa’s sticker sheet will debut in the June PRO Club Pack so be sure to subscribe before May 31st!! Mo xoxo  
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