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What weighs ten pounds, is rainbow colored and makes you feel like you want to sing and dance? confetti card I'll tell you in a minute, but first I just want to take a minute to talk about simple pleasures. The idea that very small, simple things can make a huge difference is a powerful one. In fact, it was the whole philosophy behind the Pipsticks sticker club (have you joined yet?).  The feeling of happiness is a hard thing to articulate. For me, it usually strikes me in the gut and makes me feel radiant. Excited. Inspired. confetti bomb With all the visual media platforms around these days, it's tough to avoid well composed, interesting images.  While this is great, it also sometimes feels like it's tough to be original. True originality is unusual (especially because it is often quickly replicated!). With these ideas in mind, I'm so excited to introduce you to Rin Dawson of Papered Thoughts. I came across her inspirational stones about a year ago and was immediately hooked. That's right, rocks. Rin paints rocks in electric colors with phrases that are inspiring without being cheesy. Vibrant without being garish. You are not stuck Rin has managed to elevate something so mundane and generally uninteresting with such success that it makes you feel slightly daft for not having done it yourself. Individually the rocks are cool. As a collection, they're breathtaking. The simplicity of these rocks is characteristic of her work in general. Everything she does is colorful, well designed and simple, but screams HAPPINESS. Rins Rocks She's made it her mission to spread happiness through randomly placed notes, mail and stones. And let me tell you, she's a true revolutionary. Her ability to infuse fun, color, and sunshine into everything she does makes the world a better place. And better yet, it's infectious...

Papered Thoughts

revolution Introduce yourself to our readers! I think if I ever had a personal ad it’d sound something like this. “Creative daydreamer seeks connections with strangers through letters, colour and kindness.” Hello! I’m Rin, a 20 something living and loving in Sydney, Australia. I am a Preschool teacher by day and cultivator of creative chaos by night. Love letters and kind words are my thing, I collect airmail etiquettes and stranger’s stories. You’ll most likely to find me at my local coffee shop reading, people watching and drinking iced black coffee. Where do you live and work? Sydney, Australia. when you see this text me. Where can people find you online? My Etsy store! My Blog: Papered Thoughts PinterestFacebookInstagram: @paperedthoughts Happy Mail Your work is so inspiring in both message and medium. What is the process behind integrating these two things in your Papered Thoughts? I spent the beginning of my 20’s feeling lost and really just sad. One day I decided I could choose to be happy, so over the years I found things to heal my soul, to make me happy again. One of those things was making other people happy, so that is honestly the process for all my work. I try to create things that will inspire someone or brighten their day or help them remember how much they matter. Papered Thoughts happy mail How do you find inspiration for your products at Papered Thoughts? Pinterest is a daily source of inspiration, all the beautiful quotes and amazing patterns and colour. Recently my classroom and my sweet littles have provided me with lots of inspiration in regards to colour and collage and just starting somewhere! A blank piece of paper can be so intimidating! Rin's class Do you have a creative network? Yes! I have a few amazing mentors who have been with me from the beginning, in particular Jayde Leeder of Little Paper Lane and Magdalena Franco of Unleash Creative. Little Paper Lane Both amazing women have been instrumental in helping me grow my brand and who have backed me 100% from the beginning! (even when I didn’t back myself!). And, Instagram provides an amazing creative support network, I’ve met some amazing girls who I call friends now on Instagram. penpals How does working with kids inspire your artwork? As I said before, I think a blank piece of paper is the most intimidating thing for an artist. Working with my littles has kind of taken this pressure away, They’re happy to just be creating, not worried about the end product, they just start, start making, painting, drawing, creating...  and see where it leads. That is the philosophy I’ve tried to adopt. Little hands What do think is the most important when putting together mail? The words, I’m all about the words. Share a story, tell a secret, ask questions, give answers, send fan mail, tell someone you love them, you’re proud of them, tell someone you’re sorry, write down quotes, write a love letter, write something, anything! words! How do you feel about stickers? Adore them! There’s no easier way to pretty up and envelope or journal than with a few (hundred) well placed stickers! Rin 10 What’s an exciting idea you’ve had recently? I’m working on my website right now and am collating all my online sites into one big beautiful portal. It’s going to be amazing – I’m super excited about it! What’s a challenge in your life right now? Finding a balance during the school term between my school life and creative life. Life is tough.... As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up? I wanted to be a teacher from the age of 10. Every single job I’ve had from Nanny to party host, swim teacher and day-care assistant has revolved around children. What does your dream life look like 10 years from now? I’d love to have my own little family, and be working on Papered Thoughts at least part time! Flip flop. Your house is burning. Outside of pets/family, what would you grab? My hard drive with all our photos, my grandmother’s journal from the 50’s, My list journal, My favourite hoodie. What are you reading? Right now – “The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise” by Matthew Crow Rin 8 What’s your karaoke song? “Girl in the Sun” by Allday ft. Brady James  What is your pet peeve? Rude people! It’s not that hard to be kind to others, even if you are having a bad day! heart rocks Who do you look up to? My Mum, I got it all from my mama. All the creative energy, all the independence and self-motivation it all came from her. She is beyond brilliant and she doesn’t even know it. Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.26.58 AM What’s your favorite piece of clothing? A Black hoodie that is so worn the material is now thinner than thin. One of those “I just can’t throw you away” kinda things. Rin 17  What should people keep in mind when sitting down to be creative? JUST START! Begin somewhere, anywhere! Stop worrying about the end product and enjoy the process, that is when the magic happens! Thanks so much for hanging out, Rin! Your work really is infectious - and I'm totally inspired to make a rock garden of your Good Vibe rocks outside the Pipsticks HQ. Awesome. This video captures Rin's spirit and is really beautiful! Well guys, time to whip out your paint, tape, paper, and sticker collection and get mailing! Let us know what you're mailing these days: #mypipsticks! Mo xoxo ps. Join our sticker club now, and get 20% off your 1st month with the code RIN20. Your penpals will thank you :) pps. Hang out with other inspirational ladies: Caylee Gray of Get Messy, Claudia of Cloudy Days and Letters
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- April 09, 2024

This just brightened up my morning and put a spring in my step!!

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