Merry Everything and Happy Always Guys!! No doubt you’re totally loaded with festive to-dos this month. To help out, I’ve made a few designs that should help keep you on track and inspired at the same time. Be sure to write your wishlist before the month gets too far along - it’s fun to think about the things (material or not) that would delight us as the month goes by. Get yourself a peppermint mocha, settle in, and have fun with these! Mo xoxo p.s. As a little gift, I've added a bonus holiday pack below... DOWNLOAD YOUR PLANNER PRINTABLES HERE DOWNLOAD YOUR PERSONAL PLANNER PRINTABLES HERE DOWNLOAD YOUR A5 PLANNER PRINTABLES HERE STICKER PARTY > OBSESSED with stripes (and eating a candy cane while I type)! HOLIDAY planner > Stay on top of gift giving and party throwing with these holiday planner sheets. BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE > Use it as a dashboard, or shrink it down to use for gift tags! WISH LIST > Dreams and wishes go here. New shoes? World peace? Make a list to share or keep for yourself! STICKERS! > I can’t get enough of the tape dispenser and bows - these will look great in your planner or on wrapping paper and gift cards! PATTERN PLAY > Snowflakes and gifts galore to get your dashboards and page flags into season. DOWNLOAD YOUR BONUS HOLIDAY PACK HERE
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