Behind the sticker love: Meet Jackie

This week, to celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm sharing what I'm most thankful for around the Pipsticks HQ: my ridiculously awesome team! Since it's Thanksgiving day, I figured you might need a relaxing break from the food and family, so Jackie came up with this super yummy coloring page! Don't forget! One-for-one: This month, we're donating a sticker pack to Compass Family Shelter for each Kids Subscription sold through December! deal-sign Name: Jackie (aka Jacqueline) Title: Design Student/Stop Action Hero/Photoshop Extraordinaire/Font Pro/Prop Manager/Human Tripod… and her food always smells amazing. Nicknames: Jackie Sign: Gemini If you could go anywhere where would you go? I would go to Japan because the culture and food there is amazing! It's such a beautiful place and everything is so kawaii! What's your favorite color combination? Gold & White When's the last time you laughed REALLY HARD? Watching the pen apple pineapple pen video for the first time. (If you're like me, and out of the millenial loop from time to time, see below) [embed][/embed] What's something the Sticker Squad doesn't know about you? I practice yoga almost every day. What's the best gift you've ever received? My sister bought me a Coachella ticket once! jackie-sticker-blog   If you could rename yourself what name would you choose? I don't think I would rename myself because I like my name, but I would change the spelling of my name from "Jacqueline" to "Jacquelyn." That's how my roommate spells her name and it would be amusing to confuse people even more than we already do. What's your favorite holiday and why? My favorite holiday is 4th of July (Independence Day) because 1) it's summer, which means, 2) it's hot outside, and 3) it's the one day you can eat hot dogs all day. (side note: Jackie's boyfriend delivered two Costco hot dogs to the office one day and instantly became my hero!). jackie-montage-blog What can’t you live without? Frozen Eggo waffles. What are you into? I'm totally into thrift shopping. Finding unique and vintage items gets me so excited. Plus it's cheap! I’m obsessed with Twenty One Pilots. I would totally get a Twenty One Pilots tattoo! I love music in general, I’m always going to concerts. And I guess, art and crafting.jackie-large_blog Can you give us some thrift shopping tips? One tip to some successful thrift shopping is to be persistent. Finding that silk embroidered bomber jacket is like finding a needle in a haystack, but in the end it's definitely worth it. Leave room for pie! sig_jackie Don't forget the yummy coloring page p.s. Check back all week to get some killer buys and cyber schmooze the amazing peeps behind the sticker love... here's the plan for Thanksgiving week.
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