Love story: Lindsey

All love stories have that one special moment - that moment when it all began. My sticker love story's one special moment stands out in my mind with crystal clear clarity. I was eight-years-old, and it was Christmas morning.

Growing up, we didn't always have the things we wanted, but my mom always made sure we had the things we needed. And when it came time to give a special gift, my mom was THE best at dreaming up extra special ways to display or deliver the gift...scavenger hunts and the like.

That Christmas morning stands out in my mind like no other holiday in my life. She made it that special. I came downstairs, very early I'm sure, and began to take in all the happiness that had been tucked around the Christmas tree. And, in the early morning darkness, something truly exciting began to come into focus.

A clothes hanger had been hung from the fireplace mantel, and flowing beautifully down from the hanger gleamed many, many sheets of glorious stickers - first looped around the hanger and then taped end to end, trailing all the way to the floor. In all its glory, my sticker hanger was taller than I was! I could barely contain my joy and excitement. So many stickers, and all of them for me! Holographic unicorns. Scratch and sniff fruits. Polka dotted hearts. Lisa Frank goodies galore. I was in heaven.

All in all, I'm sure that gift cost my mom no more than a few dollars at the time, yet my precious sticker hanger stands out in my mind so prominently and remains my favorite Christmas gift of all time - nearly 30 years later. My dear mom has since passed on, yet her spirit is alight in my heart. That wonderful Christmas morning all those years ago, she gave me not only my lifelong passion for all things sticker and stationery; she instilled in me a love for festive gift giving. And for that, she will always be remembered.


Nolensville, Tennessee

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