Love Story: Kristy

I have loved stickers ever since I was a wee babe in the 80s. No cartoon-print bandage or VHS-tape label-letter was safe from my boundless affection, all were soon affixed to my legs. In kindergarten I was desperate to be student of the week, because the class made a little book for the honored one, and the teacher put all her best stickers on her page. We're talking scratch'n'sniff, holographic, fuzzy, puff stickers, the works. It was my good fortune to live through the Lisa Frank era of technicolor treasure chests filled with prismatic fantasy creatures and psychedelic sundaes. Now I keep the love alive by sticking tiny pandas, scented watermelons, and holographic dragons to the backs of my art students' hands when they are working hard. They are in high school, and they love it. Kristy Chico, California
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