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You know when you meet someone and after 15 minutes of small talk it feels like you could tell them anything? That's the way I felt when I met Vicky at the Atlanta Planner Con back in June. I was there leading a workshop and it was my first real planner event. The night before the "con," there was a dinner for those of us who would be presenting the next day. After a long flight to Atlanta, I dropped off my luggage and took a whirlwind shower before heading to dinner at the renowned spinning restaurant atop the hotel we were staying in. Vicky 3 Within minutes of meeting my planner peers (could that be a new hashtag?!), I quickly connected with Vicky, who was wearing a SUPER cute mini dress with birds all over it and colorful heels. We bonded over kids and planners and I was immediately impressed by all that she had on her plate in terms of work and life in general. She's a nurse, mom, and planner addict who manages to post regularly to an ever growing number of Youtube groupies. She keeps it real and is quick to laugh - two qualities I think very highly of... Vicky 12 Introduce yourself to our readers! Hi My name is Vicky, I'm known as MissVickybee on my social media and Youtube channel. I am a wife, mom, and registered nurse. I love life, and all that it has to offer. I have always had a very creative side and since having my daughter, changing my career and having the opportunity to explore that, I have found some common ground with viewers on my youtube channel. I am a huge animal lover and both my dogs are rescues and are treated like members of the family - my first kids! Vicky 7 Where do you live and work? I live in a suburb of Chicago, I currently teach online courses to undergrad nursing students. Where can people find you online? People can find me at MissVickybee on Youtube or MissVickybee2 on Instagram as well as Twitter and periscope. My blog is missvickybee.com. I do not have snapchat ...yet! Vicky and her dog How does planning help you as a working mom? Planning has been a part of my life since I was 8. I have never really known life without one. As a mom my planner has changed from dealing with meetings, one on one teaching with doctors and nurses, go lives at hospitals to now managing my job and students, youtube, blog, household and play dates and other toddler activities. No matter where I am in my life I want to make sure I get as much out of my days as possible. Planning for the week helps me to achieve goals that otherwise would seem impossible. Breaking things up not only makes me happy but I also am able to plan meals for the family, grocery shop and keep my toddler entertained. I couldn't imagine my life without it! Vicky 8 How did you get into vlogging? I started in the youtube world in the beauty community. It was a great way to get used to filming and lighting and a set up. There were so many videos in 2009 that it was very easy to "hide" in the crowd. Once I had my daughter and was at home full time I felt like I wanted a voice. I wanted a community. In 2011 I sat down and spoke about Erin Condren, which at that time I remember there was maybe only 1 or 2 videos on it. I haven't stopped filming two to three times a week since then! Vicky 5 What’s your creative path over the past few decades? It has evolved tremendously thanks to the planner community. My journals have become full of drawings and art. I am better able to express myself with mixed media. I have learned how to use washi tape in more ways than I knew was possible. I have put stamps all over my planner and have learned way more about paper then I ever thought I would. I love it and I hope I continue to learn and grow. Vicky 11 How many planners do you have? Which is your fave now? I currently have 17 ring binders in various sizes I also might have just purchased one and it should arrive soon. I do sell and trade a fair bit in the Facebook groups as well as Ebay. There are just some planners that I know I will not bond with and so I give them to a loving home. I have 17 travelers notebooks in various sizes as well. I have a stalogy notebook that I use a fauxbonichi as well as a chic sparrow in wide that I use as a memory journal. I am using a Daytimer Malibu and a Louis Vuitton MM and I have to say I love them all equally!! Vicky 1 How do you feel about stickers? As a planner? As a mom? I LOVE them. I know you can't have enough of them. I feel like I could always have some more. I try to use them more for function and less for decoration. To me the sticker helps catch my attention and therefore should be something that is important and needs to be addressed. Vicky 13 What’s an exciting idea you’ve had recently? Everything has been exciting!! Since doing youtube I constantly come up with ideas of things I want to share with others, from coloring books, to journaling to doodling to planner inserts, everything has been exciting! vicky's daughter What’s a challenge in your life right now? Being pregnant with baby number 2, I'm concerned how life might change for my first, how she will adapt. I'm excited but I also want my little to remember that she is always the apple of my eye. Vicky 6 Did you always want to become a nurse? Since I was about 15 I knew I wanted to be one. I had gotten my cartilage pierced against my parents wishes and ended up being on IV antibiotics for three days. While there, I had a clear vision while staring at the nurses in the nurses station and told my parents I want to be a nurse! Vicky 4 If you had an extra two hours in the day that you had to spend doing something for yourself what would you do? Play with my planner and journal, I would do that all day long and never grow tired of it. You won the lottery: what’s the first thing you do? Pay off any debt, invest and then buy a gillio planner!! LOL What’s your favorite color combo? I love all bright colors, reds, oranges, yellows, pinks. What’s your karaoke song? It would be hard to get me off the stage once I got the mic in my hand but probably Don't Let Me be the Last to Know by Brittney spears. Vicky 15 What’s your dirty secret? Not sure it's appropriate. What is your pet peeve? People who don't try, people who just say I can't. Who do you admire? Moms with more than two kids! Vicky 16 What’s your favorite restaurant in Chicago? So many, but I feel like I have to have Portillos near by - for a good italian beef sandwich! What should people keep in mind when sitting down to be creative? Just relax, don't think about it. Just do it, you will not mess anything up, it's your journey. You will learn and evolve so just sit back and enjoy the ride! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ03Ly1_eS0[/embed] Thanks so much for the chat, Vicky! You are going to rock being a mom of two...though you may have a bit less time for your gorgeous journalling (at least for a little while). Mo xoxo
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Diana Musical Mom

- April 09, 2024

Huh. I’m so new to planners for personal use and stickers for grownups, but I’ve always had a curiosity! Thanks for the intro. I’m a music teacher mom of 2, soon-to-be 3, and I used to love collecting stickers, coloring, and drawing Disney pics earlier in my youth. All that is left of that old me are my markers, colored pens, and colored pencil collections. And a few journals I used to write in frequently. You all are calling to me…I love it!

Maggie Goebel

- April 09, 2024

Vicky Bee I love your videos so much!!! You are who introduced me to so many of the planner subscription kits and showed me the Reset Girl and what a fauxdori is…. a tons more. I even ordered some of the coloring books you have shown us. You are such a pleasure to watch. Come to Vegas and we can hang out!!! ;)

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