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What is Junk Journaling?

A Junk Journal is not your everyday diary. It’s kind of like a quirky, colorful, collage-like cousin of the journal! Where every page tells a story through a variety of materials - think ticket stubs, postcards, Polaroid pics and other fun stuff. Whether you’re a crafty veteran or a DIY newbie, Junk Journaling is so easy and super fun! 



Base Material: Choose a notebook or binder as the foundation for your journal. It could be a plain one you already have or one of the super cute Traveler Notebooks from Pips!

Assorted Paper: Gather a bunch of cute paper like old book pages, colorful scrapbooking paper, patterned stationery, and other paper scraps you love.

Sticker Collection: Raid your stash of super cute stickers! Stickers will be the star of your journal.

Adhesives and Washi: Use glue sticks, double-sided tape, and allllll the washi to adhere papers and stickers to your journal.

Writing Tools: Have colorful pens and markers on hand to add your own personal touches and designs.

Scissors: Make sure you have scissors for cutting paper and stickers to fit your journal pages.

Optional Extras: Consider adding pockets made from envelopes or decorative paper (or our brand new Rainbow Rush Sticky Pockets would be so fun!), tags for labeling sections, glitter and sequins etc…


Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Decide on the vibe—size, shape, and theme—of your journal. This is your chance to create something totally unique!
  1. Prep Your Pages for Greatness: Trim and prep your base. It’s about to become a canvas for your wild ideas.
  1. Get Your Craft On: It’s time to collage! Glue down those papers, add in those pockets, layer and rearrange and mix and match until it feels right.
  1. Bring on the STICKERS: Arrange and add your stickers. Then add some more! Balance is key though so make sure every addition adds to your masterpiece without stealing the spotlight.
  1. Add some personalization: Grab those pens and spill the tea—write your thoughts, dreams, add doodles and hand draw frames.

Creating a junk journal isn’t just a project—it’s a statement! Share your masterpiece with us @lovepipsticks and keep an eye out for future DIYs!





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