Junk Journaling Exclusive: Care Bears Time Capsule!

DIY Tutorial: How to Create Your Care Bears Junk Journal

If you’re new to journaling but have a knack for collecting cute stickers (of course you do!), making a junk journal is the perfect way to show off your collection and let your creativity go wild! Let’s dive into how you can craft your very own personalized Care Bears-themed journal filled with stickers and other customized goodies!

Materials You’ll Need:

The easiest way to get started on your Care Bears Junk Journal is to order this super sweet Bundle—hand-picked and specially curated just for this DIY!


Base Material: Choose a notebook or binder as the foundation for your journal. It could be a plain one you already have or one of the super cute Care Bears Traveler Notebooks.

Assorted Paper: Gather a bunch of cute paper like old book pages, colorful scrapbooking paper, patterned stationery, and other paper scraps you love.

Sticker Collection: Raid your stash of Care Bears stickers! Stickers will be the star of your journal.

Adhesives and Washi: Use glue sticks, double-sided tape, and Care Bears Washi to adhere papers and stickers to your journal.

Writing Tools: Have colorful pens and markers on hand to add your own personal touches and designs.

Scissors: Make sure you have scissors for cutting paper and stickers to fit your journal pages.

Optional Extras: Consider adding pockets made from envelopes or decorative paper (or our brand new Rainbow Rush Sticky Pockets would be so fun!), tags for labeling sections, glitter and sequins etc…



  1. Washi Borders: Use washi tape to create borders along the edges of your pages or to separate different sections. Mix and match colors and patterns for a super fun effect.

  2. Sticker Scenes: Place Care Bears stickers throughout the journal. Use them to theme your pages or to highlight special notes and memories.

  3. Write and Decorate: Use markers, gel pens and alpha stickers to jot down memories, quotes, or thoughts. Embellish around your writing with more stickers and washi tape for extra sparkle.

  4. Fun Extras: Add personal items like ticket stubs, photos, or drawings. Secure them with washi tape or glue.

This project is quick to set up and perfect for working on all summer long!

Junk journaling is all about up-cycling, so don't be afraid to get a little scrappy with it, and definitely don't overthink it!

Tag us @lovepipticks to show us all your cute creations!



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